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Recently, Stephen Curry equalized LeBron James\’s four-championship record after clinching his fourth ring for the Golden State Warriors. The 8-time NBA All-Star was the dominating force in the NBA finals. And that lead the Warriors to a 4-2 win against the Boston Celtics. There was no doubt that Curry has been one of the most impressive and highly-skilled players that the NBA has ever seen. However, one thing that kept Curry behind the likes of LeBron James was an NBA Finals MVP. With four titles and a finals MVP, many people in the NBA fraternity think that Curry has made some fine progress in considerations for the NBA GOAT\’s discussion.

If the 34-year-old continues his dominance, he could lead the warriors to more championship wins in the future. Curry\’s success will definitely make him a strong contender in the GOAT debate, which Michael Jordan and LeBron James have mainly dominated. Moreover, as per NBA expert Chris Brousard, winning rings became the definitive criteria in the battle between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Thus, Broussard believes that if Stephen Curry ends up winning more rings than James, people will definitely put him in the GOAT discussion.


Curry\’s Success A Threat To LeBron James?

On Monday, Chris Broussard stated on First Things First that stats did not make players the greatest in the 80s. Instead, all of the great players cared about was winning. Therefore, there were some great passers back in time who made passing cool. Chris further told that Larry Bird would consider Magic Johnson better than himself because he has five rings while the former has only three.

Broussard continued that Michael Jordan took the competition to the next level by winning six rings and two three-peats. Chris added, \”On top of that, he did have the incredible stats that we hadn\’t seen since Wilt Chamberlain.\” Thus, he feels that Curry would have a better chance of surpassing LeBron in the GOAT debate if he wins more rings.


Moreover, Broussard mentioned that if LeBron finished with four and Steph won five rings, he would be the best player on any team in the future. However, Stephen Curry would still be behind LeBron. Because Kobe Bryant had won five rings, and LeBron is still considered ahead of Kobe. Chris said, \”If Steph wins six, I will not move him ahead of LeBron.

However, Broussard felt that the analytics-obsessive media would put Curry ahead of LeBron. Chris added that Stephen is seventh in effective field goal percentage while LeBron sits at the 49th spot. He further mentioned that if Stephen Curry gets seven rings, he would not be better than Jordan or James. However, the people would start calling him a GOAT as it would be like a Tom Brady number.

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