Is Sue Bird Related To Larry Bird? What Did The WNBA Star Say About The NBA Legend?

Sue Bird- Larry Bird

Larry Bird And Sue Bird are regarded among the all-time greats of NBA and WNBA, respectively. And given the age gap between the two, it is not surprising that many assume the two are related because of their common surname. But is that really the case? Let\’s find out what did Sue Bird say on the matter.

Sue Bird Career!

After being chosen by the Seattle Storm in the WNBA draft in 2002, Sue Bird started to play professionally. She participated in all 32 games in her rookie season, scoring 14.4 points per game. She was a Western Conference All-Star team member for the WNBA that same year and finished second for Rookie of the Year. Bird\’s squad won the WNBA Championship in 2004 as she became the eighth player to earn an Olympic Gold Medal, an NCAA Title, and a WNBA Championship. Although she had a knee injury in 2012 and missed the 2013 campaign.


Bird later participated in basketball games for the Spartak Moscow Region of Russia. With her assistance, the team won the 2006–2007 Russian Super League and the EuroLeague Women championships. She also participated in basketball with the Russian UMMC Ekaterinburg squad from 2011 to 2014, helping them to three straight titles. Further, Sue took part in the World Championships in China in 2002 alongside the national squad. She also competed on the roster of the 2004 Women\’s Olympic Basketball Team, which represented Greece in Athens and took home the gold.

During the 2008 Olympics in China, Bird and the squad once more took the gold medal. She received the honor of being selected to represent the squad in the 2010 USA Basketball vs. WNBA matchup. In addition, Sue represented her nation at competitions like the 2018 FIBA Women\’s Basketball World Cup, the 2014 FIBA World Championship for Women, and the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Larry Bird Career!

Larry Bird\’s basketball career began when he received awarded a fellowship at the University of Hoosiers. Until he entered Indiana State University in 1975, that did not go well for his professional endeavors. He enjoyed three years of professional success playing with the Sycamores. Due to his superior shooting ability, Larry Bird enjoyed a long and successful career in basketball. He received several honors for his abilities.


In 1978, the Boston Celtics picked him up in the NBA draft. He played basketball for a while before transitioning to coaching. After taking over as Indiana Pacers president, he announced his retirement. In 2012, he suffered health problems while working with the Pacers, forcing him to resign. He returned to the organization as Pacers president in June 2013. His basketball career came to an end in May of 2017, although he remains involved in the advisory position.

As a player, coach, and executive, Larry Bird received several honors. In his career as a player, he won three NBA Championships and three Most Valuable Players, among other honors. NBA Coach of the Year and NBA Player of the Year Awards were two accolades he received during his coaching career. These two honors were from 1998. He was named NBA Executive of the Year for 2012 the league. He received several accolades for his play from various organizations.

It is not new for fans to look for some sort of connection when two greats in a field share the same surname. Over the years, there have been several links between the Boston Celtics and the basketball team at the University of Connecticut. This leads to the common misconception that WNBA standout Sue Bird is related to Larry Bird. 


In spite of their age, they are undoubtedly two of the best basketball players in history. When Sue was questioned about the same topic in an interview in 2006, she said that the matter had already been raised before. She has really been questioned about this throughout her career. Sue explained that she is not connected to Larry Bird in any manner other than the fact that they both enjoy the wonderful sport of baseball.

Sue stated, \”Since I\’ve been five, people ask me if we\’re related.\” \”It is usually the third question in a line of questions. What\’s your name? Sue Bird. Oh, what do you do? I play basketball. Are you related to Larry Bird?\” Well, turns out she\’s not. Also, things might certainly be worse. She could have the last name in common with an undesirable fictional character, an athlete with a bad reputation, or a criminal. Nevertheless, as bothersome as it can be, Sue seems to have a positive outlook on the situation and doesn\’t mind the comparison.

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