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George Russell Expected To Win A Race With Mercedes Until The Current Stage Of The 2022 Championship!

George Russell has shown his skill and talent during all seven races of his rookie season with Mercedes. The Briton has finished in top-5 in all the races and has been the most consistent driver across the circuit. The 24-year-old made a move to the Silver Arrows from Williams Racing. Russell recently revealed that he expected to achieve more until the present stage of the season. It is due to the troubles that Mercedes and their W13 have had with the introduction of new technical regulations.

After being the constructors\’ champions for eight straight seasons, the Silvers Arrows have been the third fastest team behind Red Bull and Ferrari. The German racing team is third in the constructors\’ rankings with 134 points and three podiums. They are trailing the leader Red Bull by more than 100 points. However, the rookie Mercedes driver revealed that he is pleased with his performance so far. He is still waiting for his first win with the Silver Arrows, who have struggled to fight at the front.


George said that he would be disappointed if someone told him prior to the season that he would not win a race at Mercedes after seven races. However, the Briton was reasonably happy with his performance, given the W13\’s current pace and where they are as a team. He added that the Silver Arrows had worked hard to maximize the results. George Russell could not see many races where the team could have achieved better results. However, the British racer acknowledged that Mercedes definitely have a scope for improvement. They are constantly working to understand the car and the tyres more. Russell also expresses his desire to keep fighting for this year\’s championship.

George Russell

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The Briton mentioned that he and Hamilton would have to go against Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, who has done a very good job till now. George feels that Mercedes needs to keep on pushing as a team. He added, \”I need to keep pushing personally. So, more to come.\”

Talking about their preparations for the race in Baku, George Russell said that Mercedes encountered several limitations of the W13 in Monaco. The Mercedes driver hoped that his team would have learned enough and make the best use of the time to develop the car and improve it. P5 was a decent overall result for George. Not just that, he was confident that the Silver Arrows would have stronger days ahead of them.


The trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin also gave an update on the W13\’s condition and how the team plans on improving it. Shovlin revealed that getting the car to work in Monaco was much harder than in Barcelona. He added that the car did show some great pace in Spain even though the team still has to do a lot of work to get closer to Red Bull and Ferrari. The British engineer mentioned that the Silvers Arrows struggled with the ride of the W13 due to the low-speed nature and extreme bumpiness of the circuit in Monaco.

Andrew believed that Baku might pose similar troubles for Mercedes. He revealed that the team is working on several areas to try and improve the car and get it to run at its optimal window. However, Shovlin also stated that the team is aware of getting the W13 to work on a wider range of tracks besides boosting its performance. Andrew concluded that the team would be busy preparing for Baku but also for long-term as other challenging tracks will come ahead in the season.

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