Lewis Hamilton is all set to achieve what was used to his in the next race at Silverstone. Not just that, he is optimistic that Mercedes will be \”more careful\” in experimenting with setup. This year, Mercedes is often tinkering with setup in an effort to maximize the performance of the W13 vehicle. Typically, Hamilton\’s automobile is used for those trials. But the British driver acknowledges that he\’d prefer Mercedes to be \”more careful\” with the trials. This is because it may impact how well he performs during race weekends.

Mercedes has chosen to do a number of configuration tests during practice at the previous Grand Prix. They do this in an effort to increase performance despite the porpoising and bouncing troubles that have dogged the W13 vehicle thus far this season. Since Hamilton has more F1 experience than rookie colleague George Russell, who is only in his fourth full season, Hamilton has frequently taken the lead on Mercedes\’ setup experimentation this year.


Lewis Hamilton Wants Mercedes To Be More Cautious!

Lately, in Canada GP, Lewis revealed that he ran something that was a bit extreme during his practice session. The results were also terrible of that experiment. The British driver acknowledged that he would want Mercedes to be more cautious about the tests. The testing race might have an impact on his performance on race weekends.


When asked about his position as a test subject thus far this season by Autosport, Hamilton cracked a joke that George may be carrying out the trials in the second part of the campaign. Even though the team is still working to advance, he anticipated that the tests would become more conservative moving forward to prevent significantly impeding his racing weekend.

During the conversation, Lewis also stated, \”Moving forward, I think we\’ll be a little bit more cautious on doing too many experiments. It really does hinder you through the weekend. Especially if you only have practice one and two in the dry and don\’t get an FP3, for example\”. He continued, \”But you know, really great pace on Sunday. And it\’s so nice to see. It\’s not always been the case I\’ve had with this car. So it\’s nice to have a bit of a good battle with her today her or him, whatever you call a car.\”

In order for Mercedes to compete with Red Bull and Ferrari at the front, Mercedes needs to bring the best of the best. Hamilton is optimistic that his home Grand Prix at Silverstone would provide a similar type of advancement.

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