F1 Star Lewis Hamilton Spends Time With NBA Legend Lebron James In Principality After Questioning Delayed Start Of Monaco GP!

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton was not thrilled with some of the decisions made by the FIA and the race director during Sunday\’s race in Monaco. The seven-time F1 champion demanded a dialogue with the FIA to find the reason behind a delayed start during the rain-affected race. After all the drama on Sunday, the Briton seemed to be in a better mood on Monday as he was seen having a great time with NBA star LeBron James in Principality. The Mercedes driver stayed back in Monaco and met with King James, who came from the United States to support Liverpool during the Champions League finals in Paris. 

The duo posted pictures on Instagram in the evening as Lewis and LeBron stood next to each other. The fashion-loving Hamilton wore a black and white floral pattern attire while James donned a black jumper with red stripes along with black trousers. Hamilton\’s Instagram post read, \”King of Kings, great seeing you brother.\” Meanwhile, LeBron wrote, \”Become Legendary!! Good seeing you brother!!\” 

The two Instagram posts have received a great deal of attention, with around three million likes combined. The post was a funny sight for the fans as they joked about the heights of the two legends. Lewis Hamilton is 5ft 8inches while LeBron standing tall next to him, is 6ft 9inches. The duo was seen enjoying the clouds as the Mediterranean landscape appeared to be bright and warm in Monaco on Monday. 

Hamilton Unhappy With FIA\’s Decision To Delay Monaco GP For An Hour

As the race fams saw, the Sunday event in Monaco was troubled by heavy rains. This resulted in an hour\’s delay in starting the race. The race director Eduardo Freitas delayed the formation lap due to the rain before red flagging the race. He ordered the drivers to return back to their pits after the rain started to pour heavily. The race finally started an hour late despite the rain stopping much earlier. Hamilton and other drivers were confused about the decision. They did not understand why they had to wait so long. They also demanded answers from the FIA at the upcoming drivers\’ briefing. Lewis Hamilton, who finished eight in Monaco, said, \”You think they didn\’t do a good job? I was not saying it was a mistake.\”


The Briton further shared that he did not know the reason for the governing body not sending the drivers out at the start. He felt that the weather was not a good reason to stop the top-tier F1 drivers from racing in wet conditions. Lewis Hamilton added that he wanted to go out when it was just drizzling a little bit at the start. Moreover, the Mercedes driver told that the drivers discussed the issue during the briefing and thought the race should have started earlier.

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