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The two main teams of Formula One, Red Bull and Mercedes, this time together, are suspected to be involved in the budget breach. According to the Alpine boss, Otmar Szafnauer, Mercedes and Red Bull have so many good staffs and engineers; is it even possible to have them with such a low budget? No…so how is the rival pair making them pay? Probably by breaching the budget secretly that FIA could not find.

The Alpine principal believes that there are some loopholes in formula one. With the help of loopholes, one can easily commit illegal things without being caught. One of those activities involves using staff in a way that does not count as a whole person. And, as the front-row teams like Mercedes and Red Bull are committing such crimes. The smaller teams are getting deprived of those advantages of the cost cap limits for which it was implemented.

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Otmar Szafnauer

In addition, Otmar Szafnauer says, “When everyone gets the right size, you lose that. You lose that a little bit.” He admits that the other big teams are trying to exploit the cost cap budget rule in order to make themselves perfect. Teams like Mercedes and Red Bull are trying to find the loophole in the system so that they can use it to overspend the budget. If not the loopholes, then there are some organizational changes that one can make to hire more people or staff even under the budget limit.

Mercedes & Red Bull Hire Staff Secretly, Claims Alpine’s Chief

On the other hand, Otmar believes that Mercedes and Red Bull, and maybe other big teams claim that due to the cost cap budget. They are facing problems like they have to say goodbye to a hundred members. But in reality, they find other ways to get help. The teams find the spots for them where the staff members they hire are not counted as whole members. And they try some marketing strategy that makes them work on board with the team. However, not for the entire, just for some time. By doing so, the teams remain out of FIA’s eyes and still enjoy the benefits.

Toto Wolff, Christian Horner & Mattia Binotto
Horner, Wolff & Binotto

These claims of the Alpine chief have been transferred to the heads of Mercedes and Red Bull by Express Sport. Now the comments must be getting prepared. Fans will soon get to know How Mercedes and red bull react to those allegations of Otmar. The Alpine boss just made a bold statement for the front teams that was a simple target to the Brackley and Milton Keynes based Teams. He said, “Alpine and the back row teams are not at that position yet. But the bigger teams are already there and they are also having the advantage of being right at the beginning does dissipate.”

Meanwhile, Red Bull is already facing reputational damage for being guilty of the 2021 budget breach. Now with these allegations of the Alpine chief, the team is again getting the spotlight. Now, let’s see how Christian Horner reacts.

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