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After Losing Semis To Lakers, The Warriors Struggling To Keep Their Expensive Roster Intact For Next Season

The Los Angeles Lakers knocked out the Golden State Warriors in the second-round playoff series to secure a place in NBA finals. The Warriors lost the decisive Game 6 by 101-122 and lost their first playoff series under the reign of coach Steve Kerr. The loss must have hurt the team who has won four championships in the past eight seasons. However, their troubles are just going to pile up for next season.

NBA has implemented a luxury tax as a mechanism to promote competitive balance and discourage teams from excessive spending. It is designed to penalize teams that exceed the league’s salary cap by a substantial margin. For a start stubbed team like the Warriors, the luxury tax rule is a nightmare waiting to unleash. As the team prepares for next season, it remains unlikely they will be able to keep the current roster intact.


Golden State Warriors Likely To Fall Apart Under The New Tax Rule

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The Golden State Warriors are a star-stubbed team enjoying the services of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andrew Wiggins. Over the years, they have built a formidable lineup. However, in the process, the Warriors had to cash out nearly half a billion dollars. Their 12 players alone cost $212 million. Moreover, the top expensive players of the club have a set contract for next season. Hence, provided all the players pick up their option, the next season’s payroll will exceed the $500 million mark. The current tax threshold is $162 million, and the Warriors are already paying $276 million in luxury taxes being second-time offenders.

Hence, if they cross the half-billion mark next season, the club will have to pay $370 million in taxes alone. That’s an amount even a team like the Warriors would not be in a position to pay. Hence, they will have to let someone go. Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins might escape the axing. But Klay Thompson and Draymond Green might have to bid goodbye really soon. Even Jordan Poole, for that matter, will stay on the edge throughout the off-season. The Golden State remains a dynast team who has enjoyed towering success over the years. However, they are likely to meet the same fate as Chicago Bulls when the Bulls fell apart after winning the 1998 championship.

Lakers Apparently Interested To Trade Chris Paul

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The Los Angeles Lakers are high in spirits after making it to the NBA finals. They knocked out the Golden State Warriors by winning four of the seven-game series. Whether or not the team wins the championship, their ongoing campaign is already a hit. From beginning 13th in the Western Conference, the Lakers toiled hard to make their way to the top. Meanwhile, the club has already begun preparations for the next season. The team is apparently looking to trade Chris Paul from Phoenix Suns.

As per Jason Reed of Lakers Show Life, the Lakers might get pressured by LeBron James to land Chris Paul from the Suns. Also, the Suns are willing to trade out Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton for the upcoming season. But, the moves do not make sense. The Suns will either demand D’Angelo Russell or a package involving Malik Beasley, Mo Bamba, and a second-round pick. Both the deals are non-rewarding for the Lakers. They certainly would not consider giving away young players for a veteran who has passed his prime. But you never know. The Lakers did sign Russell Westbrook last season due to intense pressure from LeBron James. It would be worth watching if they would repeat the same mistake this time around.