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Red Bull Racing’s Double Standards Exposed, The Team Reportedly Advocated For Sprint Race In Baku

FIA introduced a tweaked sprint race format for this season. The new format brought in an additional qualifying session for the main race, thus making the sprint a standalone event. Moreover, the first sprint race of the season was held on the street circuit of Baku. However, Red Bull Racing protested strongly against the move.

According to the Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, holding a sprint race on a street circuit is a mistake. It significantly increases the risk of damage to the machinery. Moreover, the drink-based team’s lead driver, Max Verstappen, even threatened to quit the sport if the governing body of F1 continued to alter the existing format. However, a recent report from a leading news agency has exposed Red Bull’s stance on the new spring race format.


Red Bull Reportedly Urged FIA To Introduce Sprint Format Changes In Baku

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Red Bull Racing, one of the prominent teams in Formula 1, has found itself embroiled in controversy as reports suggest that they have exhibited double standards. Ever since the FIA passed the resolution to tweak the sprint race format, the Red Bulls stood against it and criticized it on multiple occasions. The team principal, Christian Horner, said he remains baffled by FIA’s decision to introduce such new changes on a challenging street track like Baku. However, as per leading news agency AMuS, the drink-based team flipped behind the scenes.

As reported by AMuS, Horner and the team strongly advocated for the introduction new sprint format during the Baku race weekend. Red Bull believed that it would benefit from less practice time as they have enough simulation tools to test the car prior to the race. Also, driving on mandatory tyre compounds would significantly reduce the risk of mistakes. The new report has exposed Red Bull’s stand on the whole thing. This revelation has raised eyebrows, given the team’s previous skepticism and reservations about the format. It appears that the team’s stance may have shifted to favor their own interests, leading to accusations of double standards.

Fans Call Out The Red Bulls For Double Standards

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Red Bull Racing has created a fresh controversy as reports suggest that they have exhibited double standards by advocating for the introduction of a sprint race in Baku, Azerbaijan. The revelation has sparked criticism from fans and pundits, questioning the team’s integrity and fairness in their approach to the sport. Fans dragged Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff into the matter and urged him to speak out as Toto remains the only person on the grid to openly criticize the drink-based team’s policies.

Toto Wolff had earlier urged the FIA to conduct a deep analysis on the spring race weekends as the intense dominance of Red Bull has made the sport boring. It remains to be seen if the Silver Arrows team boss will address the matter. Overall, Red Bull’s public image is likely to take a hit over the whole controversy. The team will now face the challenge of repairing its image and addressing the accusations of double standards.