Luis Severino
Luis Severino

New York Yankees pitcher Luis Severino is claiming that he is all ready for the major leagues. However, manager Aaron Boone is just not letting him pitch! The right-hander got an injury as his right lat strained, but he has been to the rehabs. Although it was “unnecessary,” according to Luis, who is totally fine now. Despite this, he is expected to undergo another rehab session at Double-A Somerset on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, there is no minor league game on Monday. Otherwise, Luis Severino would have been participating. But this minor league is not what Severino desires. The Yankees want to get him recovered enough to make up to 60 or so pitches in his next start. But after the team’s 8-2 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, Severino expressed that he disagreed with the Yankees’ roster management.

aaron boone
Aaron Boone with Luis Severino (AP)

On the other hand, Yankees manager Aaron Boone revealed when fans can expect Luis Severino on the major’s pitch. He said that “We will make the decision at that point.” But at what point? After the NEXT REHAB! Elsewhere, Luis believes that he was ready to start in the majors back on Thursday itself after the first rehab exercise. “I know my body, and I feel good. I feel ready,” he said.

“I Am Healthy,” Says Luis Severino While Yankees Rosters Keeps Denying His Entry

The fact that ‘Severino is pitching fine in the minors; why can’t he pitch the same in the majors?’ is frustrating the Yankees fans even more. And this is the exact same point Luis is suggesting. As he questioned, “If I am pitching there, I can pitch here. Because it is still pitching, and I am healthy.”

Nevertheless, not only Severino is the victim here. Yankees have chosen Jhony Brito and Clarke Schmidt in the rotation instead of the most anticipated player, Carlos Rodon. He has been injected cortisone in his back for the injury and is expected to start throwing on Saturday. Frankie Montas is also missing. Currently, the Yankees stand the lowest in the AL-EAST list, which is led by the Tampa Bay Rays. Unfortunately, according to the management, the only reason for such a downfall is INJURY. But perhaps the Yanks have forgotten the fact that it is baseball, and at the end of the day, injuries take place at the same rate with all the teams, not only the Yankees. The competition is the same!

rodon boone
Carlos Rodon Yankees Spring Training

Now, the Yankees’ hopes lie in the comeback of the major players, especially Carlos Rodon. And the good thing is that “Rodon would not have to sit from scratch,” said Boone. He has informed the fans that the pitcher who got a forearm strain has kept his arm going and has been throwing the last few months to varying degrees. Let’s hope it’s a small ramp-up. But this one question remains unanswered: “Will these disagreements lead Luis Severino to leave the Yankees by next year”?