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Ferrari Keeping An Open Door For Lewis Hamilton Just Like Mercedes Did Back In 2013

Apparently, Ferrari is in the worse condition today ever since they emerged in Formula One. No wins so far, no hopes for the championship, and nothing in favor yet. However, the team has got lots of suggestions out there. In order to move from the position the Scuderia team stands in today, they must do the same thing Niki Lauda and Ross Brown did back in 2013. Johnny Herbert, the former Formula One driver, believes that team Ferrari is in need of a change. And only a change through “selling jobs” can fix things.

On the other hand, there is Lewis Hamilton sharing the same conditions as team Ferrari! Since when he debuted in the sport, this has been the worst scenario as of late. Hamilton is 38 now and suffering to win a single race since the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In 2022 and also in 2023, Mercedes failed to provide him with a car that could deliver better than Red Bull. The W13 and W14 both are like toys in front of the RB19.


Lewis Hamilton Adviced Tells Him To Leave Mercedes

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Lewis Hamilton Struggling In Mercedes To win Creator: Jiri Krenek | Credit: Daimler AG Copyright: © Jiri Krenek for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

Not only for team Ferrari but also for the seven-time world champion, the F1 pundits have been sending bits of advice. Some are saying, “In order to win his eighth-word title, Hamilton must SWITCH his team. He must leave.” And thus, here is an overall suggestion for both by the ex-F1 driver Herbert that may recall the scenario of Ross Brown and Niki Lauda.

Speaking with Ice36, Johnny Herbert clearly mentioned his desire for Lewis Hamilton. According to him, “Being a racing driver, I don’t see why Hamilton would not have the motivation to fight for the eighth world championship.” He believes that the Seven-time world champion is still good enough! In addition, according to Herbert, George Russell is already doing the greatest job. But Lewis Hamilton is not like Russell or anybody else; he is the driver who used to win! Consecutively, breaking records one after another. “He still got what it takes to win a race,” said the former driver.

Ferrari Should Grab Lewis As Soon As Opportunity Arrives

Lewis Hamilton with the Ferrari Boss
Lewis Hamilton with the Ferrari Boss

However, the problem that Lewis Hamilton is facing is the uncomfortable cars he is getting. Whatever Mercedes provides him at present, Hamilton is not comfortable with it. And this is not the fault of the F1 superstar. All drivers, at least once in their life, have moments when they do not feel comfortable with the car and then complain about it. And if you, the frustrated fans, are criticizing Hamilton, that he is a crying baby! Please don’t, because he, too, wants to win his eighth title. And it’s not his fault that Mercedes forgot to produce cars, as per Johnny Herbert.

All that Hamilton needs right now is “The right ingredients- like he did when he went from McLaren to Mercedes,” said Herbert. It was the time when a lot of people, including him, felt that it was a mad move. Mercedes was nothing compared to MacLaren in those days. However, Herbert pointed out that Niki Lauda and Ross Brown were able to present to him the exciting way he wanted. And he went. And Ferrari could do the same.

Now if Ferrari wants a comeback like Mercedes, then they will have to do a “similar big selling job.” Johnny believes that it is the right time for the Scuderia team to interrupt between Hamilton and Mercedes. 2023 is the end of Hamilton’s contract, and he has not signed a new contract yet. So Just GRAB HIM, FERRARI!