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Another F1 Driver Wants To Collab With Lewis Hamilton Over His Music Shenanigans

Formula One is all about cars and tracks and drivers. But the drivers are not just focused on driving their cars! Along with driving, these drivers dance, sing, and keep an interest in the music industry. Recently we saw the first self-composed music dropped by Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. And looks like we will get to see the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, joining another driver for a rap song album. But who is the second one? The rapper alias F1 driver is none other than Pierre Gasly!

Actually, every human body is a combination of blood organs and TALENTS! The Formula One driver only gets to drive, but this can’t deprive them of exploring the other talents they have. Pierre Gasly, the current Alpine driver, is good at music along with driving. He likes to compose rap songs. Therefore when he was asked with whom he would like to collab on a rap album, Gasly said, “It’s an easy question, Lewis Hamilton!”

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Pierre Gasly, Max Verstappen, and Lewis Hamilton Creator: HOCH ZWEI via www.imago-images.de | Credit: Imago/PA Images Copyright: Imago/PA Images

Now fans may wonder, why not Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Fernando Alonso, or anyone else in the paddock? Only because none of the drivers holds the same swag as Lewis. And Gasly can see it. According to the Alpine driver, “He has got the swag. He has got it all.” And not only Hamilton appears to be full of Rapsody swag to Gasly, but he also seems like a boss to him. The kind of boss personality who can bail him out of jail.

Lewis Hamilton Is The Driver Who Can Let Pierre Gasly Out Of Jail

In the same interview, Gasly was asked as to who is the most likely driver who could bail him out of jail? To that, the Frenchman once again said, “Lewis Hamilton.” He believes the Mercedes driver is the only one among all the drivers who can find his own way. Not only that, Hamilton is the most connected person on the grid for Pierre.

However, the best part of the above is to know how fans reacted to this video of the French driver. As soon as @Sir Lewis Hamilton updates uploaded Gasly’s video on Twitter, thousands of people liked it and started commenting. One of the fans said, “YES, Pierre, you have chosen the right champion.” Another pointed out that even in the paddock and in the world, “everybody is a Lewis Hamilton fan.”

Sadly, the music-enthusiastic pair of Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton are unable to perform well this season. Neither Hamilton nor Gasly is able to meet the standard they themselves have established. The Mercedes driver is at P4 in the driver’s standings with 56 points, while the Alpine driver is in the tenth position with just 8 points.

So far, no response from Lewis Hamilton has been received on Pierre Gasly’s interest in making a rap album with him. But most likely, if the pair shared mutual interest, then fans would be served with an amazing album. Hamilton is currently involved in a movie featuring Brad Pitt. The movie is being produced by Apolo Films, Hamilton’s first newly launched film production company. Let’s hope the first movie, coming from the Briton’s company, rocks in the theatres.