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Christian Horner Failing To Keep The Red Bull Drivers Together: REPORTS

What you see is not exactly what is happening in team Red Bull. The pictures might say that it is all good between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. The boss of the team, Christian Horner, may ensure a good bonding between them. However, the sparks are always visible enough to see when the Red Bull drivers go into little disputes, especially when Verstappen loses and Checo wins.

The 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix was not the first and last time when Max Verstappen refused to obey the team’s order while racing. He did that again this year. In the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Max was frustrated as he had to start racing from P15 due to the car’s failure. And sadly, his frustration went practical on Checo when Max covered the fastest lap, which was meant for the winner. In the post-race interview, we could see the disagreement occurring between the Red Bull drivers. Things like this often take place in Red Bull. But what if a feud breaks out soon? Will boss Christian Horner be able to control it, then?

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Recently the former F1 driver, Johnny Herbert, appeared to show concerns about how things are going to be out of control for Horner if Max continues to deny the team’s order. And the past has examples already. The Red Bull boss must be aware of the incident that evoked tension between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. After Vettel refused the team’s order to overtake Webber in Malaysia in order to win, they could not drive alongside each other. And Vettel and Webber ended up splitting.

Meanwhile, Johnny doesn’t believe Red Bull is capable of affording another Vettel and Webber situation. But unfortunately, the history appears to be repeating itself. Speaking with the Express, Johnny Herbert said, “It seems like Red Bull is going back to Sebastian and Mark. There was something like that about the championship for sure”.

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Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber on the podium after the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix (Image: MOHD RASFAN/AFP via Getty Images)

How Will Christian Horner Control Max Verstappen Sergio Perez’s Feud?

However, “Did they control it?” asked the F1 pundit. And sadly, No! Horner could not control it. Fans know how Vettel refused to follow the order repeatedly. Horner or anyone in Red Bull was not able to control things back then. And today, when Max Verstappen intends to do the same thing in the cockpit, who can control him?

Only if there had been a red button in your computer that can stop the car’s engine right when the driver goes against the team,” things would have been under control. But since there is no such button with Christian Horner, there is only one way available: Make your driver’s life difficult when he goes to the next race. However, any difficulty to the driver means a risk to the team. So now, except for proper communication and saying, “Respect each other, only then will we let you drive,” can help, let’s hope. “I hope this sort of continues,” he said.

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Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen Fighting! (Getty Images)

According to Christian Horner, Max Verstappen, and Sergio Perez are good friends. But in the cockpit, they are no friends. They are the nearest rivals, and we can see it. So, either the boss of the team must get himself prepared for the feud, or he must take strict verbal exchanges with Max.