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Is Sebastian Vettel Joining Red Bull Team As Alpha Tauri’s Principal? Yuki Tsunoda In Favor

Sebastian Vettel won back-to-back four driver’s world championships for Red Bull from 2010 to 2013. It was the era of Red Bull dominating the grid until Mercedes took control in the turbo-hybrid age. However, later, Vettel left Red Bull to join the Red Devils, Ferrari. It was a dream of the German champion to race for Ferrari.

Sadly, Sebastian Vettel could not win any championship with Ferrari and later with Aston Martin, the team for which he raced for the last time. Moreover, it was the era of the Silver Arrows and Lewis Hamilton. But Sebastian Vettel tried his best to compete as long as he could. Later, he was replaced by Fernando Alonso in Aston Martin.


Will Sebastian Vettel Return To Red Bull?

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel Red Bull

It was a shock when Sebastian Vettel announced his early retirement after the end of the last season. Since racers older than him, like, Hamilton and Alonso, are still fighting to win the championship. Why did the four-time champion retire so soon? The answer might be revealing itself gradually. There is a chance Vettel might join Red Bull. Albeit not as a driver but in a different role. Vettel may not join Red Bull exactly, but the other team owned by the energy drink conglomerate, Red Bull, is the Alpha Tauri F1 team. Alpha Tauri driver Yuki Tsunoda thinks Red Bull might ask Vettel to manage the team’s younger drivers. Helmut Marko is currently handling the job of developing talent at Red Bull.

Tsunoda feels it will be interesting to see how Sebastian Vettel acts as a team manager. The Alpha Tauri driver worked closely with Sebastian Vettel last year. Tsunoda was very impressed after seeing Vettel talk about the points to improve, like in terms of the curb, track, and so on, during race briefings. Tsunoda added that Vettel always asked the right questions in those briefings. If Yuki Tsunoda is right, then Vettel might be a good option in the future to manage the young Red Bull or Alpha Tauri drivers. Furthermore, Vettel has got an abundance of knowledge and experience in F1. He might love to return to the paddock in a different role. Any team would feel lucky to have him as a mentor or manager.

The Four-Time Champ Can Resume His Driving Career

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel can even return as a driver. It is not new for F1 drivers to come out of retirement. Vettel’s fellow countryman, Michael Schumacher, did it in 2010 when he joined the Mercedes GP team. Moreover, Vettel is only 35. Fernando Alonso is 41 and still going strong. The Spaniard is giving an excellent challenge to the Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Alonso is currently the 3rd in the standings and can improve in the upcoming races. Sebastian Vettel can return too. But it is about the mind. If the heart and mind do not say, “Let’s do it again,” then no individual would do it. But if Vettel decides to return, then Red Bull would be perfect because of their history and the present situation of the Austrian team.