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Lewis Hamilton Begged To Move On From Mercedes If He Still Desires The Eighth World Champion Title

The former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan recently appeared on the podcast Formula For Success and arranged a formula for the seven-time world champion that may end his hunt for the eighth F1 world title. Lewis Hamilton lost the 2021 world championship to Max Verstappen. And since then, no universe has conspired to make this one wish come true. These two years have been so impaired that it took away all winning streaks and tags Hamilton maintained since when he debuted. All blame goes to his team, Mercedes. Even the team accepts that it’s not Hamilton’s fault that he could not win, it is the flawed W14 that is the root problem.

Given this, what suggestion one must give to Lewis Hamilton? Perhaps, only one: he must leave Mercedes since it’s the Brackley Factory that is failing to build strong cars. “Lewis needs to find something else in his mojo now. He has to get out of there [Mercedes],” said Jordan.

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes Lewis Hamilton

Leaving Mercedes after clinching six world titles with the team, after breaking Michael Schumacher’s record for most GP wins, and after becoming a family for the team is hard, indeed. But this is not something new. Lewis Hamilton had taken this insane move already before when he was in MacLaren, and he moved to Mercedes back in 2013, unaware of the future.

“Get Out Of Mercedes, Go Somewhere Else, Lewis Hamilton”- Eddie Jordan

According to Jordan, this is the time when Lewis got to do the same thing again. “Get out of that Mercedes car, Lewis. This is the time to reinvent yourself somewhere else,” asserted Eddie Jordan. Lewis Hamilton has not only been told but also begged to switch. But sadly, so far, no signs of such a drastic move for Mercedes are showing. Neither Hamilton nor Chief Toto Wolff is ready to leave each other. Hamilton has made this one thing clear a lot of times, stating, “I am not going anywhere. Mercedes is like my family, and we are in this together.”

Lewis Hamilton with the Ferrari Boss
Lewis Hamilton with the Ferrari Boss

However, 2023 is the last year of his current contract with Mercedes. And probably a new contract has not taken birth yet, or let’s say Hamilton has not put the pen on the paper. Usually, by five Grand Prix have already taken place, drivers are provided with an extended contract to sign. But there has been a delay in Mercedes. We can hope that these suggestions given by the F1 pundits are preventing Hamilton from signing a new contract so early.

There is another question, if not Mercedes, then who? Red Bull? Where should Hamilton go to reinvent himself? Red Bull is the current best and the fastest-ever team and is just compact and satisfied with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s performance. They are not looking for anyone. But maybe Ferrari is looking for someone. And maybe Hamilton fits perfectly for it. The ex-F1 driver Johnny Herbert has recently suggested that Ferrari and Mercedes need to do the same thing that Niki Lauda And Ross Brown did in 2013: exchange Hamilton. So, let’s see what’s written in the fate.