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“I Really Like Max,” Toto Wolff Dismisses Rumors Of Any Bad Blood With The Dutchman

Toto Wolff may not have a too friendly relationship with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. It is understandable after what happened in Abu Dhabi 2021 Grand Prix. In 2021 Mercedes won the constructor’s title for the eighth consecutive time. Lewis Hamilton was so close to winning his eighth driver’s world championship. That was an excellent opportunity to go past Michael Schumacher. However, some complications caused diversions that led Max Verstappen to take advantage in the final lap of the Grand Prix.

It was a very narrow defeat, but F1 saw a new champion emerge on the grid. Since then, Verstappen’s growth as a champion has been in an upward direction. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are slanting on a downward slope. For back-to-back seasons Red Bull has provided Max Verstappen with the fastest car on the grid. However, Mercedes has struggled with their car. But Toto says he likes Verstappen.


Toto Wolff Says He Doesn’t Hate Max And Certainly Not Dutch People

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Toto Wolff Mercedes Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: GPblog

Furthermore, Toto Wolff knows that the cost cap era has not been kind to his team. However, Red Bull has been enjoying their hegemony on the grid since the cost cap rule was introduced. Hence, this whole scenario does not make Toto Wolff very happy for Max and his team. That’s what people think after the rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull keeps getting more intense than ever. There are some who may even think that Toto Wolff does not like Dutch people. But Toto Wolff wants to clear all the doubts about this rivalry with Max Verstappen. Mercedes’s boss recently shared a funny story about a nanny he sought for his son. The nanny asked Toto Wolff to cancel her application because she is Dutch, and she presumes the popular opinion that he does not like Dutch people.

Toto found the whole thing so hilarious that he wanted to share it. Meanwhile, he wanted to express his true admiration for Max Verstappen. Furthermore, Toto Wolff finds Max incredible regarding how much the Dutchman has matured, and he is only 25. The Austrian billionaire executive is also impressed with Max’s goals and aspirations for the future. Moreover, Toto Wolff also added that he is not upset about what Max did in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix two years back. Wolff says, “Max is a brilliant driver. If the situation in Abu Dhabi 2021 had been the opposite, we would have also taken the win. No complaints and no questions asked.”

Anyway, Looks Like Another Red Bull Triumph This Year

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Race winner Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull Racing with Christian Horner (GBR) Red Bull Racing Team Principal. 17.11.2019. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 20, Brazilian Grand Prix, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Race Day. –, EMail: [email protected] © Copyright: Photo4 / XPB Images

Anyhow Max Verstappen is on his way to win his third consecutive driver’s world championship. The Dutchman has already won three out of the first five races in the current season. Furthermore, his teammate, Checo, won the other two.

It looks like Red Bull is going to win the whole thing all over again. Last year, Max Verstappen won 15 races out of 22 himself, and Checo won a couple. This year Sergio Perez has already won two and trying his best to make this his career-best season. Checo will be a threat to Max’s third title hopes.