Luis Severino

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Luis Severino Pops Up In Trade Rumors, Yankees Fans Baffled

Luis Severino, the New York Yankees starting pitcher, began his 2023 season on the injury list due to a lat strain. He is yet to pitch for the Bronx Bombers this season. While the pitcher has been making enough progress through rehab, the Yankees have displayed a lack of urgency toward his return. Despite being reluctant, Severino has no choice but to follow the team’s orders.

After canceling his initial rehab assignment, the Yankees ordered Luis Severino to pitch for Double-A Somerset on Wednesday. He reported back with no issues and claimed to be ready for the big leagues. However, the Bombers once again defied Severino’s assessment and scheduled another assignment for Tuesday. The pitcher looked highly disappointed with the move and publically expressed his dissent. Amid this, fresh trade rumors have emerged, which has left the Yankee fans bemused.


ESPN Analyst Claims Luis Severino Likely To Be Put Up For Trade

Luis Severino
Yankees pitcher Luis Severino injury update via Sportskeeda

Right-hand pitcher Luis Severino’s time with the Yankees has been kind of underwhelming. In the past seven years, he has played only 122 games and recorded a 3.39 ERA. The pitcher’s main problem has been his health. In 2021, Luis had Tommy John surgery and stayed in IL for 706 days. Even this season, he could not escape an IL stint. After suffering from a lat strain during spring, the pitcher has been serving time on IL. He is yet to make his debut this season. Also, Luis Severino is at a crossroads with the Yankees’ management regarding his slow-paced recovery plan.

Hence, eyeing the current situation, ESPN analyst Buster Olney feels the pitcher could be put up for trade. Brian Cashman, the Yankee’s general manager, is desperate to make some moves considering the Yankee’s current state in the East. Moreover, Luis’ health has always been a persistent issue. Hence, the Bombers might consider putting him up for grabs to get some fresh arms in exchange. However, Buster says it won’t be that easy. First and foremost, Luis Severino has to pitch in the major leagues and prove his health status. Only then he could get some value in the market. But overall, it seems like the Yankees are serious about making a few roster changes and would not hesitate to trade away someone like Severino if it yields results for the team.

Yankees Fans Baffled By Severino’s Latest Trade Rumors

Luis Sevrino
The Yankees have so far been unable to determine how starter Luis Severino strained his latissimus dorsi muscle while recovering from a shoulder injury. Credit…Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

Trade rumors involving Yankees pitcher Luis Severino have caught up heat over the past week. The pitcher’s open resentment of the club has further fueled the rumors. However, the Yankees fans are not that pleased and expressed the same on Twitter. Some fans feel the Bombers have enough nonperforming players to get rid of, and hence putting up Severino for a trade out of all people makes no sense. A lot of fans were against this move and called out the club for making mindless decisions.

For what it’s worth, these are just rumors per se for now. Luis Severino, who is set to hit free agency in 2024, earlier stated that he wants to stay with the Yankees for as long as he can. While the current condition may suggest otherwise but the season is still long, and both Severino and the Yankees would most likely resolve all the issues. Overall, it would be interesting to know what the future hold for the pitcher.