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At the start of spring training, the New York Yankees found themselves in a commanding position owing to high-end trades during the off-season. They were in the driver’s seat and looked poised to make a deep run this season. However, fate had its own plans, and the tables turned quickly for the Yankees. They were not prepared and hence had their back against the wall.

The New York Yankees continue to deal with a severe injury crisis. All the trades, buyouts, and retention went into dust as $151 million worth of the bullpen landed on the IL, including Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Carlos Rodon. Certainly, the team as a whole suffered a slump and now ranks last on the Al-East table. The frustrated fans have blamed the general manager, Brian Cashman, for the team’s dire state and accused him of making mindless decisions. Hence, amid the criticism and heat, the GM finally addressed the fans’ concerns.


Yankees GM Help A Press Conference To Clam The Agitated Fans

Brian Cashman
Yankees general manager Brian Cashman before Game 2 of the ALCS against the Astros on Oct. 20, 2022. Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

The New York Yankees’ recent slump has left the fans heartbroken. Moreover, with piling injuries, the fans have almost lost hope of a deep run this season. However, the general manager of the club, Brian Cashman, would not let that happen. Amid the uproar, the GM held a special press conference and addressed the public’s dissent. He spoke about the Yankees’ current injury crisis and also pleaded with the fans not to give up on the team just yet.

In a statement, Brian Cashman said they tried their best to construct the best possible lineup for the Yankees. However, the recent injury concerns were beyond anyone’s control and termed it unfortunate. Cashman added when healthy, the Bombers remain a championship-caliber team, and he would go to any lengths to ensure the timely return of some of the key lineup. As of now, he is thankful that it’s a long season and affirmed that the team has enough time to make a comeback. Lastly, the GM even took accountability and said if the fans want to convict someone, it should be him. Overall, Cashman made an attempt to do some damage control and tried to reinstill the lost faith among the hurt fans. However, whether or not the fans bought his words remains to be seen.

Brian Cashman Open To Trades To Resolve Injury Crisis

Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman says Anthony Volpe is “doing everything he needs to do” in the Yankees’ shortstop competition. Charles Wenzelberg/NY Post

Brian Cashman had a long press conference from the Yankees dugout before Yesterday’s game. While addressing the injury crisis, the GM reckoned he is presently doing everything in his power to resolve the issue. He is even open to trade and held negotiations with multiple clubs. However, since it’s just the start of the season, no team is interested just yet. Hence, his hands are tied momentarily, and the team will have to deal with the crisis by looking for answers internally.

The Yankees GM said that the GM’s worst fear coming into a new MLB season is not to have immediate injury concerns. And for him, the worst fear has come true. Regardless, Cashman is confident that the team will get back to winning ways once the key lineup members return from injury. The situation is not alarming just yet, as the 2023 season still has a long way to go. Let’s hope Cashman’s words come true. If not, he would land at the center of the whole turmoil and could likely face strict action.