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Uzma Fatima

Sergio Perez Describes Max Verstappen As “Aggressive”! Rivalry In Red Bull Paddock Brewing Despite Constant Denial

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen, the two Red Bull drivers rising together, paving the way for the team’s championship, is the most popular pair of Formula One now. The most interesting part about them is that rather than being teammates, they are rivals of their own. Both are the two top contenders in the driver’s championship, which is currently led by Verstappen. Anyways, this is not what we are going to talk about. Today we’ll discuss how and why Perez didn’t even hesitate while describing Max as the aggressive one in an event where he was given several options.

Recently, during the Miami Grand Prix, Checo appeared with DAZN, where he was told to describe the drivers of Formula One with adjectives. Who is “serious,” who is “fast,” who is “aggressive,” and who is “gentlemanly”? Sadly, Perez could not find anyone in the paddock as.”gentlemanly” because of obvious reasons! No one has been gentle to him so far on the track, and he made the decision based on the track experiences.

Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez in the Miami Grand Prix (Getty Images)

At first, the presenter asked about the “Responsible” driver, Checo claimed it to be Valtteri Bottas. For Distrustful, he said, “Lewis Hamilton.” Reckless? “Lando Norris.” Fun? “Yuki Tsunodo.” Checo Perez is “Handsome.” Who is Serious? he said, “George Russell,” And then came to the word AGGRESSIVE for which Checo named “Max Verstappen.” Taking his own teammate’s name as aggressive was not easy, obviously, Perez was a little hesitant actually. He tried to manage the awkwardness stating, “Max is the one left,” so he took his name.

For Sergio Perez, The Polite One Is Charles, The Fast Is Carlos Sainz, But the Aggressive Is Max Verstappen

However, there was not only Max Verstappen left. Also, the Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz, and the Aston Martin king, Fernando Alonso, were available to be tagged. But since Checo preferred Max over them, it means something. Meanwhile, to be polite, he took Charles’ name. And for the word ‘completely,’ no one but Fernando Alonso sits fit. And the last word was FAST, for which Checo named “Carlos Sainz.”

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Fernando Alonso, Sergio Perez, and Carlos Sainz during the Miami Grand Prix (AP)

There were so many adjectives fitting well for the two-time world champion. He is fast too, and he is serious too. But Checo took exactly that word for which the world knows Max, the mad Max. The Dutch driver has been criticized several times for how his aggressive moves while racing, which sometimes result in serious crashes. Max has been accused of acting differently in front of the seven-time world champion. When his rivals become an obstacle between him and the finish line, Max does not care if he kicks them off the gravel or drives upon them; he just drives faster to win.

According to several rumors, the Red Bull drivers do not share a good bond. Disputes have taken place between them. Max often chooses his own benefits, even defying the team’s order sometimes. Checo has been a victim of his aggression. And thus, he knows Max Verstappen is “Aggressive,” perhaps that’s why it was easy for him to give this title to his own teammate.