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Elon Musk Reveals Interest In F1 After Images Emerge With Red Bull Boss Christian Horner

Who doesn’t know Elon Musk? He is a Tech billionaire and visionary whom the world sees with different perceptions. Generally, the businessman hardly makes an appearance at any event. However, he was present at the Miami Grand Prix to witness the beauty of the motorsport. Furthermore, it is not a piece of new information that the Twitter owner likes cars. However, more than driving or racing, he likes to build cars and other technologies. The business magnate famous for owning companies like Space X and Tesla spoke to the Red Bull F1 team at the Miami Grand Prix this season. Since then, people have been speculating about the conversation Elon Musk was seen having with boss Christian Horner.

Knowing Musk’s interest in cars, a lot of people raised questions if the second-richest person in the world has plans to invest in F1 as well.


Is Elon Musk Joining Formula One?

Elon Musk
Max Verstappen Christian Horner Elon Musk Red Bull Miami Grand Prix Source: News.com.au

Billionaire Elon Musk has displayed interest in many subjects like engineering, technology, space, and so on over the years. He also created controversy in April last year after buying the social media platform Twitter. Hence, people are fascinated to know what Musk is going to do in the following years. There is a chance that Musk may think about joining the pinnacle of Motorsports, the Formula 1 world, as an investor. That’s what the meeting with the Red Bull boss and team suggests. TP Christian Horner also revealed what they spoke about. Horner mentioned, “Elon Musk wanted to race us with his electric cars until he realized that his cars can only go till halfway of any Grand Prix.” Red Bull boss said that Musk also showed genuine interest in the RB19’s technical parts.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO wanted to know about the engine, battery, power, and output of the car. Apparently, Christian Horner was impressed after speaking to the Tech billionaire. In an interview with Financial Times, Horner mentioned, “It is great that Musk embraced the combustion engine and he came to the Formula One Grand Prix.” Elon Musk is closely associated with the Red Bull F1 team as his partner Oracle’s Larry Ellison, is the title partner of the Milton Keynes team. The Twitter owner can make a lot of difference in F1 with his forward-thinking, feels Christian Horner, especially after the 2026 changes in the power unit regulations. Elon Musk also spoke to the reigning F1 champion, Max Verstappen. Moreover, Musk had a brief discussion with FIA President Muhammed Ben Sulayem before going to Red Bull’s garage.

What Will Happen If The Tesla CEO Joins F1?

Elon Musk Christian Horner Red Bull Boss
Christian Horner Elon Musk Source: Twitter

The Netflix show Drive To Survive did a remarkable job of popularizing F1 over the USA. But the question rises is; what happens if Elon Musk becomes a part of Formula One and also appears in the Netflix show? The F1 popularity would be skyrocketing more than ever before.

Red Bull chief Christian Horner expressed a desire to welcome Musk to the F1 community. Currently, his team is leading both the driver’s world championship as well as the constructor’s title. The Milton Keynes team won all the races so far this season.