Lewis Hamilton Leo DiCap Lakers Vs Warriors Game 6

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Lewis Hamilton Joins Leonardo DiCaprio To Watch Lakers Seal Conference Finals Spot In Game 6

Los Angeles Lakers always attract celebrity fans to their games mainly because of their close connection with Hollywood. Nonetheless, celebrities from every sphere come to the Crypto.com arena to watch the Lakers play. Unsurprisingly, the seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton was in the front-row seat to watch the Lakers battle it out with the Warriors in Game 6 yesterday.

The Purple & the Gold army did not disappoint as they knocked the defending champions out of the playoffs. Lewis Hamilton is an old friend of LeBron James. The seven-time champion has a lot of friends in the American sporting world. He is friends with Tom Brady, Serena Williams, and of course, King James himself.


Lewis Hamilton Joined Many Celebrities To Watch Lakers-Warriors Clash

Leonardo DiCaprio Lewis Hamilton Lakers
Leonardo DiCaprio Lewis Hamilton Lakers Vs. Warriors Game 6 Source: The US Sun

Lewis Hamilton had a tough race in Miami as well. But he made time out of his busy schedule to be present for his old friend LeBron James. Hamilton cites the example of James as his inspiration not to give up. Both legends of two different sports are 38 and often get questions about retirement. But both show immense passion and motivation for doing what they do best. Due to their friendship, Lewis Hamilton spent $30,000 to watch the Lakers play. However, it is not just Hamilton. Even LeBron James has occasionally been to race tracks.

And King James even made time to meet the seven-time champion. Lewis Hamilton had a pretty eventful last few weeks, not while racing, though. Just a few days ago, Hamilton met Shakira, and then there was a rumor that they were dating. Furthermore, last night he joined Hollywood celebrities like Jack Nicholson, as usual, his son. Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael B. Jordan also joined to watch the Lakers beat the Warriors and reach the conference finals. Elon Musk was also present at the event. Moreover, Mr. Musk recently had to pay for King James’s Twitter account to keep the blue ticks.

LeBron James And Lewis Hamilton Are Looking For Their Next Championship

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Lewis Hamilton & LeBron James. Source: The Sun

Many celebrities came and watched the Lakers blow the Golden State dynasty away for the first time in playoffs after Steve Kerr became the Warriors’ coach. The Lakers had a pretty tough season as well, and it is inspiring how they turned around the table on its head. Moreover, the Lakers won back-to-back playoff series with the same 4-2 result. They beat the second seed in round 1 and the defending champions in the next round. Furthermore, the Lakers are now ready to take on the top seed in the finals of the Western Conference. Lewis Hamilton is obviously not having a great time on the track, and lately, he has tried his best to win the Miami Grand Prix.

However, the W14 car is just not helping Hamilton fulfill his dream of winning the coveted eighth championship. That would separate him from the shadow of Michael Schumacher and make him the most successful racer in the driver’s championship. But it still looks like a far-distant dream as Mercedes is still unable to provide Lewis Hamilton with the perfect car to win races since last year. Furthermore, it happened for the first time ever in his career, the Briton was unable to win a single race in a season. Furthermore, the best he got to this season was a P2 finish in Australia.