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“We’ve Got To Play Well, Or None Of It Matters,” Aaron Boone’s Fiery Message To Yankees After The Series Loss To Rays

When the New York Yankees were doing great in the spring training, all credit went to the manager Aaron Boone, for how he managed to gather all the good players into the team. But when they failed to move a position ahead of the last in the AL EAST, it is only his responsibility to face the criticism now. Unfortunately, all the major players of the Bronx Bombers are occupied by the term INJURY. And with this, how is this even possible for any team to rise? However, if the Yankees want to round off the season on a good note, they must improve and preserve throughout the “long-a**” season.

In order to finally bring continuity to the wins, manager Aaron Boone is stressing the need to “get right” and “play well.” The Yankees are waiting for the return of pitcher Carlos Rodon, Luis Severino, and the captain Aaron Judge. But before that, they must not lose everything they once had. Via Twitter, the MLB reporter Bryan Hoch tweeted Aaron Boone’s statement about what’s going on with the Yankees. Boone suggested, “We have to get right and play well; otherwise, none of this matters.” Yes, indeed, the efforts of Harrison Bader, his 6 RBIs, and his homer against the Tampa bay rays does not matter until the team starts to count the wins which matter to the scoreboard.

Aaron Judge Yankees Captain

Yankees Excuses About The Injured Players Are Not Enough To Get Them Appreciated

According to Boone, “It is a long-ass season. Therefore, the Yankees are grinding right now. The manager believes that “It is getting tough [with the absence of the major players]. But [anyhow] we have got to find a way; the Yankees are indeed competing for their asses off.”

The league is currently led by the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East division. And the Yankees are ten positions behind them! Shame! Speaking of the second league for the players on the IL, the Yankees are behind the 13 places. However, with an improvement in the batting average and runs, they have managed to rank third from the bottom. Boone perhaps knows that trying to judge the team’s score based on how injured the team is not worth it. The team is not going to get praised for what kind of comeback you throw with all the injured players. What matters is the result, the wins especially.

Carlos Rodon, INJURED

According to the Bronx Bombers’ fans, Aaron Hicks must get replaced. And Harrison Bader must be present in the lineup every day. Fans are suggesting that there is a need for good game strategy in the New York baseball team. But the unexpected injuries, what about them? How can the Yankees manage with it? The 2023 world series is going to be a reality check for the Yankees. Boone will have to understand that at the end of the day, each team suffers an injury, and still, they compete. He must have a plan like the rest of them.