Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Along with Mercedes’ performance and wins, one more thing is just uncertain, the future of Lewis Hamilton! Will he stay in Mercedes, or will he switch? Will he drive after 40? Why is he not signing the new contract yet? Amid the different types of rumors, a very interesting news has emerged. Reportedly, Hamilton is interested in driving not only in his 40s but also in driving in his 50s. Actually, it’s not just a nonsense rumor but a fact! Brad Pitt is featuring in a movie inspired by Lewis Hamilton, right? And in the movie, Pitt will be driving in his 50s, so! Yes, never say never about the same in reality too.

Some of the experts of Formula One have already suggested Hamilton switch his team. Some even suggested leaving because Mercedes is not where he is going to get a championship-winning car like the RB19. Under the new regulations, the kind of cars produced in the Brackley factory is nothing but garbage. And with them, Lewis Hamilton may never acquire his ultimate goal of winning the eighth world champion title.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton in Collab with Brad Pitt for a new motorsport movie

However, no advice or suggestions from the F1 pundits and fans had been taken under consideration because Lewis Hamilton has just announced his LONG TERM stay in Formula One and in MERCEDES.

The most surprising thing is not knowing that Hamilton still chooses Mercedes for the future. But to know that the long stays he talks about may get as long as 10 YEARS or even MORE. Apparently, when the Independent asked the seven-time world champion about his tenure while stepping into his 50s, he said, “You must never say never.”

“Brad Pitt Is Doing So In The Movie, I May Become The Third Oldest Driver In F1” Lewis Hamilton Is More Focused On Recovery

Later on, Lewis Hamilton explained the fact that in the movie he is producing with Brad Pitt, the driver is driving in his fifties. So even if the Briton tries that out of the screens, he will be the third driver’s oldest driver. Nevertheless, what motivated him to claim such big things was his hero, Tom Brady, who retired from the sport at 45. Hamilton took his name and suggested, “You can always train yourself in different ways. Like what you eat and where you keep the focus.”

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Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alosno

Lewis explained how the technologies in the human body shift, and it all depends upon the mentality one holds. The thought and drive to sacrifice the same as one does during the time you first start is what makes your spirit alive towards something. About himself, Hamilton said, “I do” keep them protected.

Moreover, Fernando Alonso is also there, making himself proud of the decision to stay even after he entered his forties. He barely missed a podium this season so far. Although Lewis Hamilton remained unsure about the Spaniard’s stay, he hoped to have more great fights with him moving forward in Formula One. The Mercedes driver is currently 38 and claims that it does not take much longer to recover. Things are better because he is “more focused on recovery than I ever have been before.”