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Here’s Why Lewis Hamilton-Produced F1 Movie Starring Brad Pitt Will Likely Mess Up

Generally, movies based on motorsports never fail to receive fans’ love. Ford Vs. Ferrari and Rush are two examples of how motorsport movies make people crazy about cars and drivers. However, sadly, the Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton who is in collaboration with Brad Pitt for an F1 movie is not receiving favorable reviews, even before it comes out on the screens.

According to one of the Formula One Pundits, Tom Rubython, the upcoming movie produced by Lewis Hamilton, featuring Hollywood’s most famous actor, is going to be a “Disaster.” The reason he makes such a drastic comment is the plot of the movie. Tom is concerned about the movie because the focus, around which the movie revolves, is “tried-out old,” something that any “fool” person can make themselves.

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Brad Pitt featuring the new movie produced by Lewis Hamilton

In the latest edition of the Business Formula One magazine, the editor-in-chief described the plot of the upcoming movie as not INTERESTING or even worth making a movie. Now for those who are still unaware of what it is, read below:
The plot of the upcoming F1 movie revolves around the life of a driver who is now old and retired. Brad Pitt will play the role of the retired driver, the protagonist. However, the old driver will teach lessons to a rookie driver who remains confused about how things go. The hero will help the young boy learn things by overcoming the hard times and struggles, leading him to become a champion.

Lewis Hamilton Keeps High Hopes While “The Movie Is Just A Recipe Of Disaster”

Rubython finds the plot of the upcoming Lewis Hamilton movie as a “recipe for disaster.” However, the overall script of the movie is not yet clear. Still, Tom can’t see any sort of decency in it. The more frustrating thing for the expert is that this “disaster” kind of thing is getting so much attention in the paddock. WHY? Perhaps because of Liberty Media’s owner, Greg Maffei, who is obsessed with the glamour of Hollywood and the celebrities of Formula One. Not only he described the movie to be a mess, but he also criticized the lovers of it.

Brad Pitt Lewis Hamilton Apple
Brad Pitt Lewis Hamilton Apple

Nevertheless, Tom Rubython is satisfied with the fact that this movie may gather a large audience for the sport. But he remained concerned about skipping the Sylvester Stallone-type fiasco. He just doesn’t want the movie to be disappointing enough to make it something like the Sylvester Stallone fiasco, the movie that was released in 2001 names Drivers. It featured Stallone and went into the gutter after some time, as it was inaccurate, illogical, and a lot of things were wrong. If Lewis Hamilton takes responsibility for such a movie, he must avoid all mistakes.

Meanwhile, fans must know that the seven-time world champion is really optimistic about the movie. He keeps the hopes high. Brad Pitt is basically the first ever star to make a movie for Hamilton’s start-up production company named Dawn Apollo Films. It will be featured on Apple TV as well. However, some of the fans of Hamilton have argued over the choice of actor. Indeed, Angelina Jollie lovers will oppose the movie… Having Pitt may attain some haters for Hamilton’s new company.