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Actor Brad Pitt Reported To Race At British Grand Prix; Courtesy Of Lewis Hamilton

Brad Pitt has been working on a film with the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton for a long time now. It is safe to say that Hollywood feels the growing influence of the Netflix show Drive To Survive in the U.S.A. Formula One drivers and teams want recognition in America as well. Both parties want to increase their popularity by making more movies on the sport. F1 might be the pinnacle of motorsports, but it could never compete against the fan following of NASCAR in America.

However, the Netflix show played a significant role in spreading the greatness of the game around the American audience. Now Hollywood is showing interest in the sport. The Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton film might be just the push in the right direction. It is not Brad Pitt’s first time in a sports drama film. He made the baseball film Moneyball. Albeit, that film was based on a true story. In contrast, the film under Lewis Hamilton’s production house, Dawn Apollo, might be fictional. Keeping in view Pitt’s undivided involvement in motorsport, recent reports suggest the actor’s interest in the upcoming Grand Prix race in Silverstone, England.


Brad Pitt Might Race In British GP This Year

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Brad Pitt (USA) and Alex Wurz (AUT) Le Mans 24 Hours 12th- 19th June 2016. Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans, France.

The latest information surrounding the film is that Brad Pitt might race at British Grand Prix. In order to capture the essence of the sport, Brad Pitt will drive in Silverstone during the driver’s parade. It will be highly exciting for the fans to see Brad Pitt on the F1 grid riding along. Other than the twenty cars, there will be an extra car (21) as special permission for Pitt to drive. Since last year in US GP, Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton have been part of the making of the film. The seven-time champion must have taught the Academy-winning actor and given some tips to drive. However, very few details about the making of the film are known as of yet.

The available pieces of information are that the official sponsor is Apple, Lewis Hamilton is the producer and consultant for this film, plus the same makers of Top Gun: Maverick will be part of this film. Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer, and Joseph Kosinski, the director, along with Brad Pitt, had a meeting in Austin during the US Grand Prix last year. That’s when the filmmaking team got the go-ahead to start working on the film. Since then, Apple and Pitt have visited the paddock frequently. The film is about the tale of two F1 drivers. Brad Pitt will play the role of a retired F1 driver who is returning to mentor a young driver. At present, there is no confirmation of the film’s title. However, the casting is going at normal speed. It looks like Lewis Hamilton is part of the casting process as well.

The Hollywood Passion Project Might Showcase A Lot Of Real F1 Stuff

Brad Pitt Apple Lewis Hamilton
Brad Pitt Apple Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is helping the filmmakers to find the right guy to play the role of the young driver. As per the latest information from Deadline, the producers have cast Damson Idris to play the junior driver to Brad Pitt’s character. Damson Idris is pretty well known for playing the lead role in Snowfall, an FX show.

There is a concern among the high officials of F1 regarding this film is that a lot of real F1 footage will be incorporated into the film. Stefano Domenicali, F1 CEO, calls this “Quite Invasive.” A lot of fundamental things must be there; after all, Lewis Hamilton himself is part of the filmmaking.