Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, Austin Reaves
Austin Reaves and LeBron James. (Los Angeles Lakers). Credit – Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers are witnessing one of the best comebacks of their franchise history. The way they turned their season around since the trade line is truly remarkable. Apart from the core squad, which included Austin Reaves, Anthony Davis, and LeBron James, everyone else saw the exit. Mainly the team removed its less useful point guards, Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley. They both were having a tough time establishing themselves with the team. However, Westbrook’s removal was best for himself and the team, as he is now in a better place.

The 34-year-old was involved in a three-team deal with Utah Jazz. But he decided not to play there and asked Los Angeles Clippers to take him with a buyout option. And now he is putting up numbers that are way beyond comprehension. Meanwhile, LA is also not doing badly, as they are 3-1 in the playoff series against Memphis Grizzlies. The shooting guard Austin Reaves has not left any opportunity to become the main man of the show. Even LeBron James has not been shy about talking about the youngster’s first experience in the NBA playoffs. He is playing like a well-matured athlete in the game.


LeBron James Feels Amused To Play With Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves. (Los Angeles Lakers) Source - lakeshow.it

The 24-year-old has received some great tokens of appreciation from the big man in the Lakers team. There is no doubt that it can be intimidating playing on the same team as LeBron. However, he has done a great job of keeping his composure. Meanwhile, King James has been backing the shooting guard from day one of his outing in LA. Moreover, the 38-year-old is also happy that he is lucky to be part of Austin’s first playoff experience.

James and Reaves were casually chatting about his experience playing in the playoffs this year. LeBron revealed their chat He was just talking about how much he loves this – “the greatest thing he’s ever been a part of, basketball-wise….” He also added what a great amount of joy he is receiving for being part of his experience. “That brought a lot of joy to me that I could be in a position where I can be part of someone’s experience.”

Austin Performing Exceptionally Well

Austin Reaves. (Los Angeles Lakers). Source - BALLERS.PH

LeBron James performed an exceptional performance in game 3. He became the oldest player ever to score 20 plus points and 20 plus rebounds in a single game. King James was all over the court to help his team take the lead in the series. Meanwhile, Austin also played his part on the night by scoring a team-high 23 points on the night. His consistent performance has been the reason for the amount of appreciation he is receiving.

In the last four games of the playoffs, he has been averaging a solid 17.8 points, 4.5 rebounds, and four assists. These numbers are not the best, but for the first-timer, they are really good. Moreover, he is always there when the Lakers are making any big plays during the game. His movements have been so good that he is always present at the right places at the right time.