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Priyanshu Raidas

Mercedes TD James Allison Claims They Are Not Yet Ready To Challenge Red Bull’s RB19

Formula One is going through some changes, and some teams are also going through some changes inside their teams. Team Mercedes is one of them who has recently seen a surprising change of roles in their technical team. James Allison, who wanted to be away from the racing environment for a while, took the Technical Director role in 2021. However, he is now back as the Chief Technical Officer who is more involved with the on-track activities. It was quite a surprising return because nobody had expected it, but what does it mean for the team?

He swapped the roles with Mike Elliot after having long dialogues with him about what will be best for the team. And they mutually decided that it would be best if they could work in a position that suited their skillset and preferences. On a recent F1 podcast, Allison also told everyone that it was a sober decision rather than one made based on performance. And he is also clear that although the decision will maximize the team’s strength, it will not lead to some magical improvements. However, “Mike and I are convinced that with the jobs that we’re setting out to do, we’ll be playing our best part in that recovery in the time ahead of us.”


Allison Had Personal Reason For His Departure

James Allison. Merecedes. Source - WTF1

He wanted to move to Ferrari because he wanted to live in the UK after the death of his wife Rebecca to meningitis. But Allison met his new partner soon after, and he wanted to spend some time with her. Formula One is a little too consuming, and it takes a lot, not just from the drivers but all the teammates. Therefore James took the CTO position so that he could spend more time with her. But the couple is now settled in England, and James wants the F1 rush back in his life.

As soon as he made the return back, he said it was “a pleasure to be back up to my neck in it.” His former role did not allow his participation in the current happenings of the race. Instead, as a CTO, he was more focused on what will the team be doing after two years. But now, back in the role of Technical Director, he is back to improving the current W14. He hinted about the upcoming changes in the car but refused to pinpoint the details on it.

What Will His Return Mean For The Current State Of The Mercedes

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Although Formula One is a dynamic sport and changes have to take place very often. But James’ role reversal will not show its sign until one year. The technical improvements take time, but there will be slight tweaks that he will be doing.

Allison is aware of the car, and he says that it is very fortunate that Mercedes has one of the fastest drivers on their side. But they will have to improve the cars for the drivers so that they can finally get back to competing for the top spot.