Anthony Davis, Lakers, Desmond Bane
Anthony Davis lying on the floor in pain. Credit – Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers have finally extended the lead that they rightly deserved in the fourth game of the series. They won game four in fashion, but there were still some notorious actions from Memphis Grizzlies. After the LeBron James-Dillon Brooks flagrant 2 foul incident, another LA player was hit below the belt. It seems like the Grizzlies players are coming up with some kind of game plan to hurt the players in the Crypto Arena. This time the crotch area of another superstar Anthony Davis was in jeopardy.

Hitting a blow below the belt is considered one of the fatal fouls, even in combat sports. But the intensity of the international level games tends to increase, and the players get a little more physical than usual. They hurt their opponents in a very unnecessary and non-intentional manner. And the incident in game four looks like a similar incident as the Grizzlies came to the game with a must-win mentality. Already on a deficit in the playoffs series, the Grizzlies players were desperate to win on the away turf. However, all the efforts from the Memphis side were in vain, as they lost another game of the series 117-111.


Anthony Davis Served As A Fair Target Against The Grizzlies

Lakers Vs Grizzlies. Credit - (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)(APMedia)

Anthony Davis has been a phenomenal presence for his team at every stage of the year. He stepped up on all the occasions when LeBron James had trouble taking charge of the team. And in order to keep this beast quiet, the Grizzlies wanted to mark him down. They made a great mistake underestimating him in game three, where they lost hard coming to LA. Leaving AD to do his job cost them 31 points, 17 rebounds, and three blocks. Although, the statistics do not include the amount of defense he did with his mere presence on the court.

According to some insiders, the Grizzlies did not have a clue what hit them in game 3. And it looks like all this added up for them to put more physical presence on Anthony Davis in the next game. As a result, Desmond Bane buried his elbow into Davis’ groin area while trying to create some space for himself near the basket. The former MVP fell on the court crying with the pain of the hit. Although it looked like a flagrant 2 foul, no actions were taken on Bane. It could have been a mistake, but since James has also been the victim of the same, it might be a game plan.

The Lakers Could Miss Anthony For The Next Game

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers Vs Grizzlies

After making a huge impact in the third game of the series, he played a slower game last night. But the blow he received could mean for him to miss the next playoff game of the series. It could be a great advantage for the Grizzlies side, who are already missing their important players.

The Lakers have done well to imitate their dominance in the series with a 3-1 record. They will have to secure just another win to secure the series and advance to the postseason. And it looks impossible for them to lose three consecutive games.