Austin Reaves- Lakers
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Austin Reaves has been a revelation for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. He has been part of the franchise since 2021 but has truly become an integral part of the side this season. During the time LeBron James missed a month’s schedule, Anthony Davis needed support from his teammates to turn things around. That is when Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell gained prominence in the team. The Lakers were nowhere near the position to make the postseason.

But it was the collective efforts of AD, LeBron James, and the power of the youth in the side, especially Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell. Austin Reaves is playing in his second season in NBA. But already he gained so much attention that he was considered for being the Best Sixth Man of the Year. Albeit AR did not win, he did beat the former Laker, Russell Westbrook, in the voting polls. Now Austin is gradually becoming more and more essential to the Lakers’ success.


Will Austin Reaves Play For The German Team?

Austin Reaves
Austin Reaves Lakers

AR had an incredible story, to begin with. As he was an undrafted player in 2020-2021. Later, he signed a contract with the Lakers. When he started, he would not get his place in the starting lineup. Austin Reaves would generally come off the bench. That’s the reason why he was considered for the Best Sixth Man award. Also, another interesting fact about AR is that he is German. Austin’s grandmother is German, and hence, he is eligible to play for the German national basketball team. Reaves obtained a German Visa as well last year. But the question remains is he interested in representing Germany in the FIBA World Cup?

Apparently, the German team is keen to recruit Austin Reaves, but they have not heard from him yet. Gordon Herbert, the German team’s coach, spoke via EuroHoops, and mentioned, “I called him and texted him but did not get a reply.” Herbert added that he had a brief chat with AR and his agent a year ago. Later, the coach read in the press that Reaves is excited to play for Germany. However, Herbert has not heard from AR ever since. It might not be as complicated as it looks because Austin Reaves had expressed his desire to play for Germany.

AR Too Busy With The Playoffs At Present

Austin Reaves D'Angelo Russell Lakers
Austin Reaves D’Angelo Russell Lakers

However, at present, Reaves is busy with the playoffs, and he is doing his best to help the team progress. It might not be a good time to ask or try to get an answer from him about his plans for national duty. Austin Reaves is in that zone where he is trying to help the Lakers win the championship. It has been a pretty challenging season for the whole squad.

The Lakers have done exceedingly well to make it to the playoffs. The German team’s coach may try to call or text AR in the off-season. Moreover, speaking of the off-season, Austin’s contract is ending after this season. The front office must look forward to extending his contract. Otherwise, the Lakers faithful will be truly sad.