Every F1 fan is aware of the fact that Mercedes is going through a tough phase on the grid. They cannot find a way to winning ways as of yet. As things stand, the Silver Arrows are not thinking about the current championship anymore. But Mercedes is focusing on securing the second position after Red Bull. They are currently trying to compete against Aston Martin as well as Ferrari. On the other hand, their arch-rival Red Bull is enjoying a healthy lead over the rest of the teams.

The rivals’ advantage is that they have the fastest car on the grid. That is exactly where Mercedes is losing the battle. The German team cannot get their car right somehow. Last year they faced major porpoising issues in the W13 car that cost them the season. Again, this year the car seems to have new problems, like the balance, the cockpit, and the rear downforce are just not right. Clearly, the seven-time champion is not happy as he is not comfortable with the car. Despite everything, the Silver Arrows and their drivers are desperate to get back in the game, that too like old times. However, another rival team principal, Gunther Steiner, has stated some dark facts regarding Mercedes.


Haas Boss Criticizes Mercedes And Lewis Hamilton For Their Disappointment

Guenther Steiner
Team Principal Guenther Steiner (Haas)

Lewis Hamilton is eagerly waiting for the coveted eighth championship. But these cars are just not helping him reach his dream. Team Mercedes seems to be in deep confusion as they do not know how to deal with this challenging situation after they had a long and successful reign in Formula One. They are desperate but don’t know what to do. In response to Mercedes’ desperation and confusion, the Haas F1 team boss took a strong dig at his rival team. Guenther Steiner bluntly stated that “It is just the way the pendulum works. You cannot win every time. Mercedes enjoyed seven-eight great years. But it has come to an end. It is natural. Nothing lasts forever. You just have to move on and keep trying.”

The Haas boss tries to remind Hamilton that he lost the championship against his own teammate, Nico Rosberg, back in 2016. So, neither a driver nor a team can win forever. Hence, Steiner suggested the Mercedes team needs to accept the truth and just move on. Moreover, he even pointed out that the top three teams on the grid at present don’t care about Lewis Hamilton as a threat or competition anymore.

Will Hamilton Join Red Bull Or Ferrari To Win His Eighth Championship?

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Max Verstappen Red Bull

The Haas boss talks a little about Hamilton leaving Mercedes. If that is a possibility, Steiner says Hamilton can try, but where will he go? The current Mercedes driver can try Red Bull, but that does not feel like a realistic idea. Evidently, Principal Christian Horner and the team are happy with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. However, it will be highly fascinating to see Max and Lewis driving the same car on the grid.

It will be an exciting battle to see who comes out victorious then. But Horner won’t take that risk to increase competition in the inner camp. Hence, it is highly unlikely to see Lewis Hamilton joining Red Bull. Then Ferrari, perhaps? When Steiner was asked about the prospect of Hamilton joining Haas, he laughed and replied, “No, Thank You. I’m happy with Nico and Kevin at present.”