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Priyanshu Raidas

Mercedes Upgrading Their W14 Car Way Beyond The Sidepods! Changing Tunnel Designs, Rake, & Ride Performance

Mercedes is having a tough time, and the current season has only seen three races so far in the competition. They have been quick to acknowledge that they have made some really bad mistakes with their cars. In the starting three races, we have seen the former champions struggle against the top side of Red Bull. Although it has been a pattern since 2021, Mercedes would want to improve soon. And since their Technical Director has made a swap to take responsibility for what they do best, Mercedes should be making changes faster.

TD James Allison admitted that he feels more comfortable with his newly swapped position in the team. “It’s exciting and fun and interesting and a pleasure to be back up to my neck in it,” said Allison. But still, the team has a long way to go to even give a hard time to their rivals. However, it can improve to the level so that it does not fall far from its runner-up position. Otherwise, it would be a difficult task for them to defend their position publically. Moreover, Allison ensures that Mercedes is a good car and that future upgrades will give them more edge on the track.


Mercedes Sidepods; A Concept Or Just Element

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When the new W14 car rolled out, everyone expected that Mercedes might have made some major changes. The thing that caught the most eye on their new wheel was their side pods. Most people thought that it might be a new concept rather it was just a visual change. Mercedes later cleared it for everyone that there is a vast difference between a visual change and a philosophical step change. Although their concept goes way beyond their minimalist side-pods team still has to churn the potential out of it.

There is much more to the concept of their design than the side pods that people are currently seeing. Last year they tried to move their cars quicker by lowering their ground clearance, but nothing happened. Mercedes had their cars bouncing all over the place. However, this year, they want to keep the car as high as possible to hit the aerodynamic performance ceiling. Therefore the necessary changes must be made in the tunnel designs, rake, and ride performance.

Can Upgrades Make The Silver Arrows Better And Faster?

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Although Mercedes as a team is struggling, Lewis Hamilton is suffering above all. The Briton has not managed to win a single race in the last two years. It would be a major struggle for the champion to make a comeback. However, it looks like Mercedes are set to make necessary updates to boost the car’s performance. “It’s better than most of the grid out there. But until it’s the quickest one, it will always feel like a weak car to all of us,” said James.

Currently, Allison wants to focus on the car so that they can keep it relevant for the top finishers. However, they have not forgotten their arch-rivals and will keep them in their line of sight.