LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are finally playing a consistent level of basketball as the squad is now working to get past playoffs. After losing in the second game against the Grizzlies, they have secured two consecutive wins in the series. And it is all thanks to the superstar duo who are working relentlessly to keep their team at the top. Even though LeBron James & Anthony Davis are not scoring as well as they did in the regular games, they are still contributing a chunk. Their presence and defensive abilities are what keep the Lakers afloat in their first round of the playoff series.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have both suffered many injuries during the course of this year. They are playing through their injuries, even in the playoffs. LeBron recently recovered from his season-long foot injury and got back on the team to help them progress. Due to his injury, James is averaging an all-time low of 36.3 playoff minutes. These times used to be his beast mode activation, where he would devour the opponents single-handedly. But his age is making it harder and harder every year for him to make his recovery faster. However, there is no denying that he has still been a major figure for Darvin Ham’s team to keep them in contention.


LeBron James Taking Special Care Of His Body

LeBron James broke another record

The playoff games are all about explosive sessions with very few days in between the game day live-action. It tests all the players to its limits, and the players who do not rest well cannot perform well. Emphasizing the same, in the post-game interview, LeBron James emphasized how much importance the rest holds. And alongside resting, filling the body with the required nutrition is equally important. He expressed his thoughts through an analogy that coach Darvin Ham taught them in the dressing room.

You refill your cup, and you will be ready to go on Monday with that same energy and effort we had tonight,” said King James. There is no doubt that the competition will only get faster and harder in the upcoming rounds. And the players who will be able to withstand fatigue will ultimately end up performing better. And the Lakers would want to be the team on top of everyone. He even took his time to appreciate Ja Morant, who was absolutely incredible in game 3.

Lakers Fans Screaming GOAT Chants At LeBron James

It was an important game for both the teams to establish a win in game 4 of the series. From the Lakers’ point of view, a win would have resulted in total domination of the series. And if the Grizzlies would have won, then it would have meant a level playing field. But thanks to LeBron James, he kept the team in the position to win another game in the series.

In the game, LeBron James made 20 rebounds, a career-high for him, and scored the game-tying basket to extend the game to overtime. As a result, to show gratitude towards the big man, the locker room screamed GOAT noises as he entered. With a 3-1 record, the Lakers can finish it all with a win in the next game. It will knock the Grizzlies out, and LA will advance to the next stage.