Ja Morant injury
Lakers Vs Grizzlies. Source – FOX SPORTS

The Los Angeles Lakers astonished everyone at the Fed Ex Forum when they won the first game of the series against the Memphis Grizzlies. And what came as more of a shock was that all the younger players played a major role in bringing that victory. This progress suggests that the Lakers have reduced their dependence on their two-star players. It is a good sign of the development of the team, as the two were pushing themselves to the limit causing injuries. But now they can push as per the requirement of any particular game.

The Lakers fans have grown very optimistic since the front office has made the desired changes in the team. It was a risky decision, but the team decided to gamble on LeBron James and Anthony Davis duo. They put better players around them, and now they are a better team altogether. With increased depth, they have also reduced the number of minutes per player, giving them more rest to recover. Meanwhile, the Lakers could witness yet another advantage heading into the second game of the series.


Ja Morant Status Questionable

Lakers Vs Grizzlies. Source - FanNation

The Lakers were already heavy on the table toppers in the first game of the series on Sunday. Although the purple and gold were tumbling in the first half, they were quick to regain control in the second. The absence of Brandon Clarke and Steven Adams already puts them at a disadvantage against LA. And now Ja Morant could also miss the court on Wednesday due to a soft tissue injury he suffered in the first game. According to coach Taylor Jenkins, there are no fractures in his hands, but they would still like to keep him under questionable status.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Memphis Grizzlies do not look very enthusiastic about the second game. Everything is going against them, and with Ja Morants aggravated hand injury, it is going to be a difficult second game. However, the Lakers also had a scare to their star when he held his arm in pain in the second quarter of the game. A clash that was meant to be fun to watch for the fans is now in jeopardy. But Davis did not suffer much damage as he came back on the court as he left. And he is likely to play the second game of the series.

The Lakers Head Coach Is Ready For Anything

Coach Darvin Ham has been a remarkable coach during the ups and downs of the team. And still, he shows an excellent character when he is winning. “I mean, we just prepare as if he’s playing. We don’t try to assume anything or try to make any predictions. We just make sure we cover Plan A, Plan B. Plan A he plays, Plan B.”

It looks like Ham has covered every scenario and does not care much about anything outside his team. The Lakers are up and ready for any challenge that Grizzlies would throw at them. Whether Morant plays or not, is not a matter of concern for the team. According to Ham, they are ready for anything and everything.