Austin Reaves
Austin Reaves (Lakers)

The Los Angeles Lakers recorded another victory on the third game of the series, making the record 2-1. It was also another opportunity where LA fans got to see their team play in the postseason. Their team has not been in the playoffs since the reign of the pandemic has been over the world. The last time they played in the postseason, the fans were restricted from attending the games at the stadiums. However, the fans are now happy to fill the seats at the Crypto Arena to support their favorite team.

LeBron James also admitted that he is excited to play in front of the home crowd in the playoffs. The last two seasons have been disappointing for both LeBron and the fans. The 38-year-old is aging every year and edging toward the end of his career. And as he approaches the final years of the game, he would want to leave a better legacy in the game. Apart from legacy, James would also want to retire from the game with a title-winning year. Meanwhile, he played another decent game with 25 points on the night. But it was a struggle for the young gun Austin Reaves.


Lakers’ Austin Reaves Hit In The Face Multiple Times

In the postgame interview, Austin Reaves agreed to his receiving multiple blows to his face during the game. Although the team won 111-101, it was a tough night for the shooting guard. It is not something new for Reaves, but it tends to keep happening for the rookie. Even Rajon Rondo accepted that the Lakers have got to protect him so that he does not get hurt. “He’s been hit in the face more than any rookie in the league, I’m sure,” said Rondo.

Last year, Reaves insisted on continuing playing even after receiving a heavy blow to his face from Jonathan Kuminga. The now Warrior drilled his elbow into the youngster’s face. But that is his style of playing the game, being vulnerable and relentless at the same time. Austin Reaves has shown great potential coming into the postseason this year. There is no doubt that he has been a crucial figure in the mix. But he has also been better statistically, averaging 16 points with 51.4 percent shooting. The 24-year-old has also been a gem while shooting from long range, which the Lakers have lacked since the start of the season.

“I’m Getting Used To It,” Acknowledged Austin Reaves

Austin Reaves. Los Angeles Lakers. Source - FanNation

The 24-year-old rookie plays his part despite getting hit and knocked down again and again. Last night also, Austin Reaves scored 13 points with five for-ten shooting, six rebounds, and two assists to help his team. Despite getting blown, Reaves asserted that he will “Do whatever the game provides.” He has never backed down from showing courage, and that’s what keeps him in the purple and gold. Last night was particularly physical for the young players of the Lakers.