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Austin Reaves joined the Los Angeles Lakers back in 2021. However, he has become an integral part of the team this year. AR is performing great in every game. The force behind the Lakers making the postseason this year is the combination of four players – Anthony Davis, LeBron James, D’Angelo Russell, and Austin Reaves. Without any of these four horsemen of the Lakers, it would not have been possible. Reaves can become a free agent after the current season is over, the fans are rooting for a contract extension.

There are talks about the front office of the Lakers who might be planning to build a team for the future centering around D’Lo and AR after King James and AD leave the team. That is the kind of impact Austin Reaves has on the front office and fans. The Lakers are depending on Austin to take them forward in the playoffs. However, it is hard to believe that Austin Reaves is playing in his first playoff round.


Austin Reaves Got More Votes Than Westbrook For The Sixth Man Of The Year

Austin Reaves
Austin Reaves Lakers

Due to his instrumental contributions to the Lakers, AR has been a contender for the Best Sixth Man Award this season. Reaves won more votes for a third-place finish, even ahead of the former Laker Russell Westbrook in the list of the top choices. The former Laker is more experienced and has won the Sixth Man award several times in the past. Westbrook was the top choice while he was playing for the Lakers back in December and January. But his lack of performance made him lose votes. Finally, it was Malcolm Brogdon of the Celtics who received the prestigious award this season.

But the rise of Austin Reaves is quite visible, and the votes suggest the same. In that poll, Reaves won six points for third place and one point for second place and earning him a total of nine points in the voting. In the latter half of the season, Reaves had been playing in the starting lineup. Hence, it was a question of eligibility for the Sixth Man Award. But AR has played enough games coming off the bench since the start of the current season. Furthermore, Reaves has an average of 13 points per game, 3.4 assists, and three rebounds. Moreover, he has a 52.9% shooting average from the field and shoots 39.8% three-pointers.

Both LA Teams Are In A Tricky Playoff Situation

Lakers Vs Clippers
Los Angeles, CA – April 05: Clippers guard Russell Westbrook turns the ball over to Lakers power forward Anthony Davis in the first quarter Tuesday night, Apr. 5, 2023, at Arena. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

However, after his time with the Lakers got over, Westbrook found his place at the Clippers. The city rivals might have made the playoffs with a top-six finish. However, the Clippers are in deep trouble now after they lost against the Suns last night. The Suns lead the series 2-1 at present.

On the other hand, the Lakers are on a level with the Grizzlies, as the series is 1-1 at present. They meet again on Saturday night for their third encounter in the series. The Lakers will have a home advantage in the next game. The fans will hope their team capitalizes on the advantage.