Red Bull, Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin
Fernando Alonso behind Red Bull. Sources – Pledge Times

This year, Red Bull is dominating Formula One as the team always tends to finish 1-2 in almost every race in the competition. Since their hegemony began in 2021, it has been impossible for other teams to dethrone the Austrian team from the first position. Currently, only one team has managed to give them tight competition, and that is Aston Martin. Their driver, Fernando Alonso, has tried on many occasions to close or at least match the speed of the Red Bull cars. But he has only been close, and they have yet to find a way around the fastest car on the track.

Fernando Alonso Can Look Forward To Closing Down The Gap With Red Bull

Fernando Alonso third behind Red Bull

The former F1 champion is the only driver who has come close to the Red Bull drivers until now. Fernando Alonso realizes that the current champions are the most dominating team on the track. But he also has a reason to believe that they will fumble and make a mistake at some point in the season. And that will be when he must be there to use the opportunity to counter the team. The oldest driver on the F1 track also boasted that they closed the gap without the safety cars.


Hopefully, some of the tracks we will be a little bit closer to them, and some of the upgrades that we will bring later in the season maybe put us in a different or more competitive position,” asserted Alonso. But this is something that can happen in the future. If Aston Martin does manage to stay above top teams, it will be an incredible improvement since last season. For now, they are focusing on the teams like Mercedes and Ferrari to keep an edge over them in the constructor’s championship.

Aston Martin Is The Third Best Car On The Track

Coming out as one of the best cars in the 2023 season, Aston Martin surprised everyone. The team was battling among the midfielders during the last season, and suddenly, they were putting the top teams behind. It is truly a remarkable improvement that can not be attained without sheer hard work and intelligence in Formula One. In a season where even Mercedes are struggling, Aston Martin continues to shine above all except Red Bull.

Red Bull and Aston Martin

After winning all four races in a row, they have established their dominance with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. But the gap between them and Red Bull is impossible at the moment. Even in Miami GP, they were cruising ahead with no competition bothering them. “It was a lonely race, nothing to do in front of us with the Red Bulls and nothing behind us,” stated Fernando after the race. He also talked about his car, saying, “The car is amazing.

But Fernando demands more now as his hunger to win has risen with consistent results in the four races. They have had the podium behind the Red Bull for three races now. And Fernando wishes for at least a second place on the podium. According to him, “At the beginning of the year, a podium was amazing,” but it is not enough to satisfy him now.