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Stephen Curry Believes Warriors Can Comeback From Behind In The Playoffs Against Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers bewildered the Golden State Warriors in game 3 of the series traveling back home at the Crypto Arena. An astonishing comeback after lethargically losing game 2. The purple and gold looked lazy in their second game of the series, raising serious questions about their willingness to play. But the Lakers were quick to make a comeback to take the lead in the semifinals of the conference series. This leaves the Warriors tailing behind with one home loss which could be a huge disadvantage for them in the upcoming days. But they still have a game on Monday in their hand to level the field in the seven-game series.

Stephen Curry Remains Optimistic Despite Losing Game 3 To Lakers

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Apparently, all hope in the Warriors team is not lost as the former champion Stephen Curry believes that it is not over. The 34-year-old holds all the ability needed to make a sparking comeback in the series. However, the next game on Monday will also take place in the Crypto Arena. And after Saturday’s performance, LeBron would drive more people in the crowd to support them. Moreover, LA would also want to continue the momentum that it built to establish its dominance. It is not going to be an easy task, but the Warriors have that winning pedigree inside them.


Some major problems that the Warriors will need to fix in order to win the next game are their defense and player markings. When the Lakers marked Draymond with jarred Vanderbilt and Curry with Austin Reaves, it worked. Moreover, Jordan Poole’s lackluster performance added to the problems that the Warriors faced. LeBron James and Anthony Davis were another pair that the Warriors failed to stop. All these factors must be confronted before playing the next game on Monday. But despite a heavy defeat, Stephen believes they will be fine.

The Warriors Are Confident Before The Next Clash Against LA

Stephen Curry. Source - Basketball Network

It is difficult to predict anything before the games because both teams have the caliber to lift the trophies. The Lakers began improving after mid-Feb, and the Warriors also did not have the smoothest of the season. But both the teams have won championships before, and the confidence is the result of what they have achieved in the past. Time in and time out, the Warriors have overcome the deficit in the playoffs in the league. Therefore Curry does not seem to be under any stress as of now.

Stephen Curry will approach the next game with a new perspective of the game as a puzzle. This will allow them to adjust and overcome their opponents by finding the missing piece in their puzzle. Because of the stakes, the Warriors will have to enter game 4 with a ‘Do or Die’ mentality. They will lose the opportunity to level the game if they do not manage to win it. And the Lakers will be able to take the away win advantage further up in the series. Therefore Steph will have to come out as a leader who can lead the team to victory at the end of the series.