Lewis Hamilton Vs Fernando Alonso

Uzma Fatima

“To Be A Champion, You Need The Best Car,” Fernando Alonso Takes A Sly Dig At “Lucky” Lewis Hamilton

Currently, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are the only two veteran drivers who have shared the race track with iconic names such as Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. In the past, these two drivers were often mentioned in the same breath due to the fierce competition they had during the early 2000s in Formula One. Today after so many years, the rivalry is at its peak again. With Aston Martin’s comeback, Alonso left no chance to defeat the seven-time world champion. No offense, but Fernando has never left a chance to degrade Hamilton off the track too. Recently, in an interview, the Spaniard spoke about the bond he shares with the Briton.

The main reason why it always goes like Alonso Vs. Hamilton is the fact Lewis started his F1 career alongside Fernando with Maclaren in 2007. But just the next year, they ended up being rivals. Fernando is almost three years older than Hamilton, and still, it is Hamilton who has seven titles and the record for most GP wins. Fernando Alonso is still a legend with two world championships during the era of the same engines.

Lewis Hamilton and his teammate Fernando Alonso 2007
Lewis Hamilton and his teammate Fernando Alonso 2007

Although, for a decade now, the Spaniard has not won any championship. But looking at AMR23’s performance, it seems quite possible for him to claim a victory soon this year while his Mercedes counterpart struggles with the wrong concept of the W14. One dream Fernando holds: equal engines to all, is now almost there. And thus, we can see who is the real champion.

Fernando Alonso Believes Lewis Hamilton Had Been Lucky, Lucky Enough To Get The Dominant Car For So Long

Speaking of his relationship with Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso acknowledged to the Spanish publication of Marca that he respect the Mercedes driver a lot. The thing is, they never really have much of an overlap in their careers in the same place. The Aston Martin driver is excited that they got to race together again. And because of the similar cars, it is fair play this time.

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Lewis Hamilton with Fernando Alonso

The 41 years old pointed out that in the Australian Grand Prix, he was at just 2 seconds gap with Hamilton in the entire race. “It was a very close fight,” he said. However, nothing in the world can make Fernando think that Lewis is any less than the best ever. At the same time, he does think that “Hamilton has been lucky enough to dominate because of the dominant car he got for many years.” This is what made Michael Schumacher win seven titles, and this is what is paving the way for Max Verstappen to become a legend.

How to become a champion? According to Fernando Alonso, to be a champion, you just need the best car. Talking about his F1 rival, he also commented on Valteri Bottas’ tenure in Mercedes. The two-time world champion believes that Formula One would have a different history if Hamilton had faced troubles in the Mercedes car he got. Perhaps, Bottas could have five titles if Lewis had problems at Mercedes. But since the car always suited him, history got written.

This is how Formula One works, right?