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Lewis Hamilton Finally Discloses His Future Plans With Mercedes Amid Potential Rumours About Ferrari Shift

#1644, you may have used or seen this hashtag, designating Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton’s union, is gaining momentum on every social media platform these days. Both are rivals indeed, but who can say it, looking at the actions they take for each other off the track? They are probably the only rival pairs of F1 getting so much love from people. Hamilton always believed in the strength of the young Ferrari driver, and Leclerc never forgot to take the name of the seven-time world champion with respect. He is also the victim of calling Hamilton an eight-time world champion by mistake. So yes, they have a perfect bond! Now the question here is, what are they meant to be? Future partners or replacements?

Amid the rumors about Lewis Hamilton’s new contract, fans finally got a clear statement from none other than the Mercedes driver himself. After finishing sixth in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, it was easy to imagine Hamilton leaving Mercedes just because the Brackley squad is not providing him with the cars they had promised. However, according to an F1 journalist Julianne Cerasoli, there is no need to imagine anything about the contract of the Mercedes star boy. He is just not shifting anywhere, not in Ferrari, not in Red Bull. Hamilton will end his F1 career only with Mercedes.


Lewis Hamilton Is Staying In Mercedes

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Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes W14

One can quickly figure out what are the things necessary for Lewis Hamilton. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of winning the championship for the eighth damn time, he must SWITCH. Many F1 pundits have claimed it too. But it is not about what Hamilton needs anymore. It is about what he wants. And Lewis Hamilton wants to “stay longer.”

I am thinking of long-term. Not just for another year but for longer,” Lewis recently asserted about the current contract situation with Mercedes. This statement is an assertive reply to the rumors that suggested Hamilton may prefer quitting Mercedes rather than pulling the weak cars like W14. However, not only the Briton but also Charles Leclerc from Ferrari is facing the same kind of rumors as his entire F1 career has been a result of Ferrari’s mechanic failure. Fans figured out that perhaps switching teams is the best option for the pair.

Hamilton Loves Where He Is. Leclerc is Not In The Mood To Switch

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Lewis Hamilton with Charles Leclerc

Clearly, Hamilton likes where he is. At many times and platforms, he has acknowledged his love for team Mercedes. “I love my team, and I’m grateful for the journey, the journey of seven world titles,” claimed Hamilton. It is more like working together! Hamilton and team Mercedes are facing the worst times ever, but they are in this together. “We’ve been working on it and moving forward,” This is what the seven-time world champion commented on the doubts about him leaving Mercedes.

On the other hand, we have these points like, this is the last year of Hamilton’s current contract with Mercedes. And if in case the 38-year-old driver chooses to retire, who will fill his vacant seat? Is there any potential driver available? No, there is no one available, but Leclerc’s frustration towards Ferrari might set him free. Besides, boss Toto Wolff has already claimed that he likes the 25-years old Monegasque driver. Thus, anyone who can replace Hamilton is no one but Charles Leclerc. However, it is not happening yet, as both drivers are positive about being loyal to their teams.