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Formula One racers are an interesting personalities as their sport allows them to have an interest in more than one thing. Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton are one of those racers who do a lot of things outside of their racing on the track. The two superstars are interested in music and have also created music for people to listen to. Hamilton has been in the music business for a long time now and has collaborated with global stars like Christina Aguilera and Major Lazer.

Charles of Ferrari is also not behind Hamilton by much, as he released his first single ‘AUS23 1:1’. After the release, there were many questions posed to him about collaborating with the seven-time champion. However, there is a vast difference between the type of music that Hamilton and Leclerc produce. The Ferrari racer is more interested in making a sad song. Therefore “If he’s happy to sing in a depression song…then I might be the one he goes to,” said Charles Leclerc. And when the fans heard this, they took to Twitter to launch various comments on the drivers.


Why Is Charles Leclerc Making Depressed Songs

It has not been the most fruitful start to his season this year. Rather Charles Leclerc has had one of the worst starts, as he is sitting at the bottom with only 6 points to his name. It would be a shock to anyone because the Ferrari ace was putting up remarkable performances until last year. And suddenly, he is seeing a drop in his performance because of a poorly constructed car. Leclerc is even behind his own teammate, who is driving the same car with 14 points. It does not seem to be a position that Charles would like to be in for a long time.

Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, has had a significantly better season than the Ferrari driver. In the last three races, he has finished fifth twice and second once in Australia. Although it is not the type of results Mercedes is using, they will be happy to save as many points as possible. Both Charles and Lewis have not been very lucky in terms of their cars this year. But Hamilton aims to take the best out of the car that he can. He is currently sitting in fourth place in the championship with 38 points.

Lewis Hamilton Could Leave Mercedes, & Charles Could Take His Place

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This one another thing that could be creating tension between the two racers. Lewis is very unhappy with his car, and this is the second year Mercedes has failed to give him a winning car. So, it is highly possible that he could be finally leaving Mercedes as his contract is expiring at the end of the season.

The Driver that is linked with the Mercedes is none other than Charles Leclerc of Ferrari, who is also unhappy with his team. In the first three races of the season, he is sitting at the bottom of the drivers’ championship. It looks like the Mercedes and Leclerc pairing is made to be, however, his contract does not end until 2024. Moreover, even Ferrari is concerned with the details as Charles has two more years with them.