Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Max Verstappen (Red Bull) & Lando Norris (McLaren), Left To Right Source: The Sun

Every F1 driver on the track believes that they are the best provided with potential machinery at their disposal. McLaren driver Lando Norris also has the same belief that he can take the fight to the best players in the game. Formula One is a sport where an individual can win based on the efforts put in by many individuals behind the scenes. From the making of the car to the mechanics who fix the tires on the track becomes a crucial part of the driver’s victory. Therefore driver being impeccable is not the only condition to cross the finishing line first in F1.

There is a massive amount of luck involved in deciding which driver will get the best car in the upcoming years. However, there are some top teams who have managed to do so year in and year out consistently. But Mercedes struggle this year displays that even the top teams can slip up. And the midfielders must find ways to exploit such conditions whenever such things happen. But it does not seem that McLaren can take part in moving up the chain because of their bad car this season. Their driver also feels that he can easily beat the current champ Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.


McLaren Young Driver Sees Max Verstappen as His Idol

Lando Norris(McLaren) Source - Essentially Sports

The two drivers are among the youngest ones on the grid this year. Lando is seen as one of the brightest prospects who has massive potential to be a future winner. Max Verstappen, on the other hand, is already shining with three consecutive titles in the last three years. The British and the Dutch drivers are also very good friends. But according to Norris, Max is a figure who he looks up to based on his previous year’s experience. Max was not always the best on the grid, but his perseverance and experience have paved the way for him.

Lando Norris is also not in a very good place as his team McLaren has not produced a good car this year. Although it does not make him a bad racer, he will have to show a stronger character this year. He has seen Max change his bad days, and he hopes that he can follow the same trajectory.

Lando Thinks He Is Faster Than Max and Lewis Hamilton

Lando Norris(McLaren)

In a very recent interview, the young driver claimed that he could also compete for the top spot given a top car. Ever since he began racing in F1 in 2019, he has been out there looking for his first win. But the opportunity has yet to come when he can stand tallest on the podium. “I feel very confident now that if I was in a position to go up against Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton,” said Norris to The Race.

He also talked about how Verstappen was also not one of the best candidates out there. Norris continued to talk about his early periods in the F1, where he used to crash very often in the races. But it has all changed over a few years, and Lando believes he also has the potential to turn the tables for him. He has high hopes that McLaren to provide him with the power to help him compete with the top players.