Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe of the New York Yankees takes his turn at bat against the Los Angeles Angels at Yankee Stadium via Sportskeeda

In a regular MLB season filled with ups and downs for the New York Yankees, rookie Anthony Volpe has emerged as a bright spot and a symbol of the team’s resilience and determination. Volpe, a 21-year-old shortstop, made his major league debut this year and has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to his impressive play on the field and work ethic.

But it was a game against the Minnesota Twins Yesterday that truly showcased Volpe’s power as a hitter on the plate. The New York Yankees took the field on Wednesday, facing a series whitewash scare against the Minnesota Twins. They had lost the first two games due to a poor offensive run. While the team lost their series win streak this week, they certainly did not intend to lose the series whitewash streak.


Anthony Volpe Aced As The Leadoff Hitter Against The Twins

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe (Yankees) Mandatory Credit: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees debutant of the season, Anthony Volpe, has had a roller coaster ride so far. While his defense has been at the top of his game, the offense displayed a completely opposite picture. While batting at number nine, the shortstop failed to record hits. But when DJ LeMahieu faced issues with a quad strain, Aaron Boone promoted him to the top in what looked like a gamble move. However, Volpe aced the spot and recorded his first homer in the very first game as the leadoff hitter. From thereon, the management provided him with multiple opportunities at the top, and Volpe kept making good use of it.

During the recent rubber game against the Minnesota Twins, Anthony Volpe went 2-for-4 and scored three crucial runs in the process. It provided an early commanding lead to the Yankees, who went on to score 12 runs in total to seal the game and avoid a series whitewash. The shortstop said he feels comfortable at the leadoff spot and intends to put together good at-bats. His main goal is to help the team win at any cost. On the other hand, Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, lauded Volpe’s performance and termed it terrific. Boone said he wants to give the shortstop a day off, but with his current form, it is not ideal for the team to keep him out. Regardless, the skipper said he is happy with Volpe’s consistency, and what happened yesterday was just an early glimpse of his profound talent.

Yankees Teammates Impressed With Volpe’s Work Ethic

Anthony Volpe
Anthony Volpe gets high-fives in the dugout after scoring a run. via Yankees Twitter

Anthony Volpe has been making noise in MLB ever since his introduction in spring training. He just elevated his gameplay and showed no signs of stopping. Apart from the fans, the shortstop has impressed his teammates in the Yankees clubhouse the most. Aaron Judge, the captain, said Volpe does not look like he is 21. If somebody had told him that he was 27, the slugger probably would have believed it. It just shows in his work ethic and athleticism.

Gerrit Cole, the Yankees ace pitcher, called Anthony Volpe’s talent and preparation elite. He added that when the world shut down due to covid pandemic, the shortstop’s game did not degrade. He has worked on his craft, and it’s on full display on the field. Overall, Volpe’s heroics against the Twins were just the latest example of the talent he possesses.