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Skipper Aaron Boone Brutally Grilled For Yankees Poor Offense This Season!

The New York Yankees have been struggling over the past week, be it on the plate, on the mound, or on the field. It’s just a phase where nothing seems to be working for them. The Yankees, known for their powerful offense, scored just eight runs in the past five games, prompting many to question what went wrong.

Apart from the obvious injury concerns, there seems to be a change in approach which has led to this utter chaos on the plate. The Bombers have fielded a weird batting order, which clearly failed to deliver as per expectations. Meanwhile, as the Yankees lost yet another series within a week, the team’s manager, Aaron Boone, had to face the tough question from the media.


Aaron Boone Answers Grilling Questions Over The Yankees Poor Offense This Season

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Yesterday, the New York Yankees lost their second fixture against the Minnesota Twins, leading to their second series loss of the season. The team held the record of one of the longest series win streaks last week, but the ultimate loss against the Blue Jays brought it to an unfortunate end. Those who followed the previous week’s outing of the Yankees must have noticed the root cause of the problem. It’s the team’s offense. In the past five games, the hitters have scored mere eight runs in total. But what led to the sudden downfall of one of the strongest offensive team’s in the American League?

Amid the scrutiny, Yankees manager Aaron Boone made his weekly appearance on the Talkin Yanks podcast. The podcaster, Jomboy, threw some tough questions at the skipper. The host pointed out what changed this year for the team. He said over the past few seasons, the Bombers hitters targeted the starting pitchers early on to put pressure on the opposition. However, this season, the scenario is the complete opposite. This year, the Yankees hitters have, on average, scored just one run of starting throwers. Aaron Boone agreed to the host’s opinion and said things had changed this year owing to injury issues. However, that does not mean that the team has lost its ability to hit. Last year, the team topped the scoring charts. Regardless, the skipper assured that once the injury issues get sorted out, the Yankees will regain their original form by any means.

Aaron Judge Has A Strong Message To The Team’s Hitters

Aaron Judge
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Meanwhile, New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, addressed the team’s offensive woes. He agreed with the general public opinion. He said the team needs to attack early to get the pitchers under pressure. So far, they have been unable to crack that. The captain feels the team is taking its own sweet time to adjust to the game and gets charged when it’s too late. Hence, the hitter especially needs to step up from the first pitch to get under the pitcher’s skin.

Now that the Yankees skipper and captain are on the same page regarding the team’s offensive woes, it’s time they do something about it and not let it slide past. It’s still the initial month of the tournament. But small issues like this could hurt the team in the longer run. Hence, they must sort out the approach issues and fix the injury woes simultaneously.