Yankees, Aaron Hicks, Bryan Reynolds
Aaron Hicks (New York Yankees) Source – yanksgoyard.com

The New York Yankees are the team known for their talent to win games and tournaments by getting the best players in their squad. However, it looks like nothing is falling for them in place this year. Even the best player on the team, Aaron Hicks, is struggling to find his role and position in the team. This displays how many mishaps are happening around the team, causing disruption in their performance. Even the fans are not happy about the way the team is currently operating in the league.

Aaron Hicks Not Performing Well For His Team

The Yankees played their last game against the Minnesota Twins, which they lost by 6-2 yesterday. And the fans are all over Aaron Hicks because he missed a catch of Jorge Polanco. He lifted the ball high up in the sky for Aaron to run up to the ball and make an easy catch on the run. However, the Yankees’ best prospects have not been up to the level everyone expects them to be. Moreover, he has mentioned in the media that he is confused about his role in the team, which is causing him many problems.



The fans are expecting him to work harder so that he can be of some use to the team, even if his role is not clear yet. He has received a lot of banter since he was unable to reach for the catch and his recent statements. If it were an incident of a few years ago, he would have latched on to the ball for his life. And he has managed to do so in the very same stadium and saved the game for his team. But he could not do so in the last game. The outfielder reached for the ball but could not end up gripping it in his hands at the end.

Yankees Can Forget Bryan Reynolds For Trade

Bryan Reynolds

The Bombers have been looking out for the pitcher for quite some time now. But they were not able to get a hold of Bryan Reynolds on many occasions. It looks like Pittsburgh will not let him go, and they have specified that by giving him a huge contract. Reynolds has signed an eight-year contract extension to remain with his current team in the league. The Pirates have offered him a massive $ 106.75 million to avoid any other teams. His contract holds a clause that hinders him from joining a few teams in the league.

Rumors suggest that the Yankees could be one of them, as they have shown a very keen interest in him. The 28-year-old himself has been asking for a trade ever since the offseason, but the team did not let him go. Since he has already signed the contract, it looks like Reynold used the tactics to be in a stronger negotiating position. As for the Yankees, they have to work with the players they already have, as Ryan seems to be an option no more accessible to them.