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Uzma Fatima

Harrison Bader: A Ray Of Hope In This Darkest Time For The New York Yankees

New York Yankees may fail to get the wins fans desire to see, but they never fail to develop the players worth making fan favorites. Along with Captain Aaron Judge, the team has a lot of other gems which are not yet ready to give up, not until the team changes their position from the last in the AL East list. Since 2022, when Harrison Bader joined the team, he never disappointed anyone. And what he is doing again after his return from the injury list is just worth calling LIFE SAVER for the New York Baseball team.

The fact that Bader has none other than Derek Jeter as his inspiration is only enough to consider him one of the best at present. But just look at him, just after his sprain recovery, he managed to win against the Tampa Bay Rays! No other Yankee at present is gaining momentum on social media as much as Harrison Bader is. He made two home runs and 6 RBIs in the five games he participated in. Isn’t he hope for the Yankees?

Aaron Judge and Harrison Bader. Credit…Frank Franklin Ii/Associated Press

Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans went a little too far in terms of expressing their love for the 28-year-old driver. The Talkin’ Yankees tweeted, “HARRISON BADER AGAIN,” with his homered video. To the same, a fan reacted as, “He is carryin’ Yankees, and I am here for every second of it.” One of the fans even urged, “Can we keep Bader in the lineup every day and not put the players out of position any longer? Put him as DH to rest. He needs to be in there. Let’s stop with Hicks IKF and anyone else they want to put out there.”

Harrison Bader Makes A Difference In Yankees!

Bader joined the Yankees after being traded from the St. Louis Cardinals. And by every means, he made them regret selling him off. With the Yankees, he proved that he is not only a good player but also entertaining! Let’s hope you must have watched his Spanish interviews yet. It is interesting to know that not only fans and us but also the NEW York Post keeps faith in him. They reported that Harrison Bader returned to start in the center field against the Rays and crushed three home runs. And just brought the charm in the lifeless team. They quoted that “Harrison would make no difference.” But OOoops, they were wrong! Harrison replied, “I’d rather have zero impact on the game whatsoever but come out with a win.”

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Harrison Bader, (Image source ESPN)

Due to some reasons, which are nothing but INJURY, Bader has not had a full season yet. So none of us know what he could have done with that. However, it’s a long season this year, and in order to use the real deal Yankees made with the ex-Cardinals player, they need to put him in the lineup almost every day. Today, tomorrow, the next day, each day should be a Bader day, especially at this time when he is the light the in the dark. When he is really bringing the wins and initiating a competitive game.