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Decades After The Curious Case of Derek Jeter, Brian Cashman Stands In A Tricky Position To Resolve The Yankees Shortstop Battle

As the New York Yankees enter the 2023 season, they find themselves in a familiar position: debating who will be their starting shortstop.

With the departure of legend Derek Jeter after the 2014 season, the Yankees have tried out a few different options at shortstop but have yet to find a long-term solution. However, the team’s General Manager, Brian Cashman, somehow always ends up in the eye of the storm. He is feeling the deja vu as he stands in a similar position from decades ago, deciding the team’s starting shortstop candidate.


Firstly, Cashman has a wealth of experience in making roster decisions for the Yankees. He has been the team’s General Manager since 1998 and has overseen five World Series championships during his tenure. His track record speaks for itself. Secondly, Cashman has a deep understanding of the Yankees’ farm system. Under his leadership, the team has built up one of the strongest farms in baseball, consistently ranking at the top of the league. Hence he remains the perfect man to handle the shortstop crisis.

Onus On Brian Cashman To End The Yankees Shortstop Battle


Nearly three decades ago, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman faced the wrath of Yankees’ then-owner, George Steinbrenner. Apparently, Cashman planned to appoint a young rookie, Derek Jeter, as the starting shortstop of the lineup. However, George strongly opposed the idea and asked Cashman to stand down. However, the GM stood firm on his decision and showed immense faith in the young Jeter. And the rest is history. Jeter went on to become one of the best that the Yankees ever produced and even instilled his name in the Hall of Fame.

Now, decades later, Brian Cashman faces a similar situation. Currently, top prospects Anthony Volpe, Oswald Peraza, and Isiah Kiner-Falefa are fighting in spring training for the shortstop position. While Isiah seems to have lost his way, Peraza and Volpe are still going strong. Moreover, the team is unable to decide on a name as the 2023 season inches close. While some senior players have vouched for Volpe, the front office backs Peraza owing to his experience and defensive skills. Hence, Brian will be required to step in and handle the crisis before time runs out.

Gerrit Cole Weighs In On The Shortstop Debate

Gerrit Cole
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Meanwhile, New York Yankees lead pitcher and starter Gerrit Cole shared his thoughts on the ongoing shortstop battle. Cole, who is closely watching the battle pan out, said there is no wrong choice when it comes to the young prospects. He was referring to Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza while saying that both the prospects are big-league players and can have the potential to be matchwinners.

On the other hand, the skipper, Aaron Boone, said the franchise would hold meetings at the end of the week to finally end the battle. He further added that many people have different opinions, and they will try their best to bring a consensus on one name as soon as possible. Additionally, Boone affirmed that both prospects are highly talented and have a bright future.