Mercedes and Ferrari
Mercedes W14 and Ferrari SF23

In a recent interview with F1 Nation after the Miami Grand Prix, Red Bull principal Christian Horner opened up about his guarantee of the team’s easy win. The reigning champs will win, the mathematics says so. But still, no one can stop the battle to be fierce and the most challenging one for the Austrian team. Especially when rival teams like Mercedes and Ferrari are running with an alternate plan that will be implemented soon in future races.

At present, Red Bull is leading the Formula One world championship with 224 points. Ahead by 112 points from the nearest challenger Aston Martin, with five races under the rug, including four one-twos, the team is all set to clinch both the F1 championships of 2023. But nothing can stop Christian Horner from expecting a tough challenge from Mercedes and Ferrari as he keeps hearing about the “massive upgrades for Mercedes are launching, and major upgrades for Ferrari is coming ahead.”

Christian Horner
Christian Horner, the boss of Red Bull

This Is How Christian Horner Is Afraid Of The Rivals Comeback!

Just after the Bahrain Grand Prix, in which Mercedes finished at P5 and P7, the team announced a plan B. Team principal Toto Wolff was also quick to accept the W14’s concept as a wrong decision. And soon after the second Grand Prix of the season, announced an alternate concept that would pave the way for a game-changer for the Silver Arrows in Imola. Since then, Mercedes drivers and fans have been waiting for a good race. Reportedly, the team planned to adopt the B-spec model for the cars. But with the unit’s price rising in Europe and the low-cost cap budget, they didn’t dare to move ahead with it.

Meanwhile, Christian Horner is preparing Red Bull for the tough challenge it may face. As the boss asserted, “It’s a long season. And there is a lot of time available to make developments.” He even has some information about the rivals’ comebacks. In addition, the British principal gave us very important information. According to him, if Mercedes and Ferrari succeeded in having a B-spec car, then things can change quite quickly.

Wolff mercedes
Toto Wolff, Mercedes Principal

However, so far, Mercedes has not revealed much information about what the upgrade of W14 will do to them. Wolff has demonstrated that the car will have a new rear suspension, a new floor design, and an overall changed layout. But will it be a B-spec car? No one knows. Sadly, none of Mercedes’s staff sounded optimistic about this major upgrade. Wolff, along with the driver George Russell, has asked fans to keep low expectations. Now we really wait and see what happens.