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Luis Severino Planning To Leave The New York Yankees Amid Rehab Frustration?

During spring training, Luis Severino suffered a low-grade lat strain and went into the Yankees’ injured player’s list. But he expected it to be a fast recovery injury. He could have been satisfied with missing just three or four starts of the season. But now that it has already been a month and Luis is still on a long way to come back, he is frustrated. On Sunday, the Yankee’s frustration finally turned into voice when he called it “unnecessary” that he was deprived of Friday’s game. Not only Luis called it unnecessary but also said, “Yankees want the best for me, I know.”

MLB insider Bryan Hotch also tweeted about the same as “Luis Severino said he thought it was “unnecessary” for the Yankees to have him pitch a live batting practice this week. He wanted to get into a game for Low-A Tmapa. He also said, “I am one step closer now, and hopefully, I can be back on the field soon.”

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Luis Severino Yankees right-hander

However, is this the best for the Yankees starter to remain prevented from the World Baseball Classic? Anyways, recently just after expressing his disappointment with Yankees rehab timeline management, Luis Severino announced that “New York is the only team I know.” Speaking with the Daily News, he claimed that he would love to be a Yankee forever. But you can’t keep aside the right-hander’s dry sense of humor when he responds to the questions.

Even The Frustrations Can’t Stop Luis Severino From Loving The Yankees

What’s more irritating for his fans is to know that even last year, the same thing happened to Luis Severino. After a lat strain, he was sent to the 60-day injury list. He was prevented from the World Baseball Classic in March. Meanwhile, this remained the reason for discussion among Yankees fandom. On Twitter, several fans have come forward to speak in favor of Luis Severino.

Some of the fans started considering this to be the reason for Luis to take an exit from the Bronx Bombers. One of them replied to the news, “It is clear that Sevy hates the front office, but honestly, with his injury history, it’s one case where I don’t really blame them.”

However, some fans stepped in to claim that the Yankees have been doing wrong with the right-hander. As in the past two times, Luis Severino has questioned the same thing. Luis Severino has expressed some level of frustration with the Yankees’ handling of his injury. He hates them.” Now a quick question for you, Can he not leave the team for it next year?

Severino injury
Luis Severino yet to become a starter following his lat strain injury

Well, no, he can’t. Because Luis Severino still loves the Yankees. He said, “I love them, but he hates the miscommunication with the people in Yankees who are responsible for making the decisions about where to start with all my pitches and all that.” Moreover, the right-hander clarified that this has nothing to do with the organization. He indeed hates the decision about slow rehab schedules, but it does not reduce the love he holds for the team, the Yankees.