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Toto Wolff Explains What Parts Of The Mercedes W14 Are Changing In The Upcoming Upgrade At Imola

The Mercedes principal Toto Wolff has nothing to claim about Mercedes’s performance. But he has some slight hopes for the major upgrade the team is launching in the W14 in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix later this month. It is not just an upgrade but the only game-changing opportunity for Mercedes. Wolff fears to be optimistic about its success, but he claims that the upgrade will “introduce a new bodywork.” He calls it a LARGE SURGERY in the W14. Read below to know what are the exact changes the Brackley team is bringing and how they will impact the driver’s performance.

Currently, with the five Grand Prix held so far, Mercedes stands third in the constructor’s championship with 96 points, 128 points behind Red Bull. The most humiliating thing for Mercedes or any team is not to remain behind Red Bull at present because they are just unbeatable! Apparently, it is an insult for Mercedes to be behind its own customer team, Aston Martin. Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll have managed to secure 102 points for the British team outperforming Mercedes in both standings. The AMR23 runs on Mercedes engines. The rear part of the car is bought from Mercedes, and still, they surpass MERCEDES? Humiliating, indeed.

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Now, to prevent itself from going deep down, the team never stopped bringing little upgrades. Losing the five races gave Mercedes five lessons. Theories have been changed, and now the team is ready for the practicals. But before going any further, Boss Toto Wolff wants to “manage our own expectations,” as he said. Because the updated package of the W14 consists of new suspension parts, floors, rear parts, and some other NEW things. And no one knows how they will behave.

Toto Wolff Explains How The “Silver Bullet” Is Not Gonna Work This Time For Mercedes

Mercedes TP Toto Wolff believes in the term “silver bullet,” which at present is not coming into Mercedes’s hands. In his 15 years of career in Formula One, Wolff figured out that never have it ever happened that a silver bullet gets introduced, and all of a sudden, you unlock half a second of performance. “I very much doubt it will happen here [with Mercedes in Imola],” he said.

However, there are certain things that Toto Wolff is trying to take off the table. He explained that those areas would be looked after where he believes something could have been introduced that they don’t understand in the car. First of all, the target is to find the baseline, and then they will see “what can be done from here.”

W14 in upgrade
Mercedes W14 getting ready for the upgrade

Speaking of the specific parts which consist of the upgrade package Toto Wolff mentioned the following points:
1. Introduction of a new Floor
2. New Bodywork
3. New Front Suspension, which is pretty LARGE! Wolff repeated.

The main thing to be focused on is the “Downforce” of the W14. The Brackley team is trying to perform the best in the mechanical department, as it is the heart of it all. “That’s a large operation. Large Surgery,” said the Mercedes boss. It will require a lot of virtual data too. Wolff expects the upgrade to help the team in setting a direction. He will try to find the reason why the W14 is so “poisonous to drive.”