Fernando Alonso, Max Verstappen, Aston Martin

Priyanshu Raidas

WATCH: Max Verstappen Takes The Opportunity To Make A Quick Joke At Fernando Alonso’s Awareness 

Formula One is top of a class sport where only a few people can showcase their talent to the world. And even becoming a driver in the F1 does not satisfy the racers who have worked their whole life to be part of it. The next aim becomes to be the most elite of the elite in the competition. And here comes the twist in the sport because it is a team game, and an individual can not influence the whole outcome. Apart from a team that develops the car, another teammate is racing with the same car.

Things get tricky for the racers when the competition among the same team drivers gets intense. Fernando Alonso has been the victim of the being the best mentality, and he messed up sometimes in the past. However, the recent changes in his attitude have raised some eyebrows in the racing community. Considering his past incidents of fraud, manipulation, and arrogance, the fans have a hard time accepting this change. People have always been aware of his world-class driving, but he has not been the best person in the competition. Keep reading to know what is happening in Aston Martin.


Fernando Alonso’s Remarkable Transformation

Fernando Alonso & Max Verstappen
First place finisher Dutch Formula One driver Max Verstappen (right) of Red Bull Racing reacts with third-place finisher Spanish Formula One driver Fernando Alonso (left) of Aston Martin. Picture: Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich/EPA

The 41-year-old has shocked the fans with his remarkable transformation. Ever since he arrived at Aston Martin, he has become more of a team player than an arrogant and selfish racer. His actions suggest that he has been actively working on himself to change his narrative over different things. And his changes came to the limelight when Red Bull ace Max Verstappen joked about him after the Miami Grand Prix. Verstappen jokingly referred to Alonso as Stroll’s “life coach,” highlighting the unexpected bond between the drivers.

The racers often share some healthy banter with each other outside of their fierce rivalry on the track. And Verstappen’s comment was the same when he talked about Lance Stroll’s and Fernando Alonso’s relationship. Apparently, the veteran has extended his helping hand to the youngster to help him out. An incident in Azerbaijan saw Alonso sharing his brake balance with Stroll to improve on the track. And these moments of kindness do not resemble the kind of person Fernando used to be.

Has Fernando Alonso Changed With Aston Martin?

Aston Martin Vs Mercedes

The former F1 champion has been one of the most selfish racers on the track, causing a lot of problems for his teams and teammates. However, this has not been the case since he came to a new Aston Martin team alongside Lance Stroll. He has been helping his younger teammate to put more points on the board. He believes that he can not be part of Aston Martin forever, and he wishes to make Lance a leader for the upcoming years.

Many infamous stories tell that Fernando Alonso has come a long way from his past. Or some other person is walking like Fernando in the F1. Whatever the case Aston Martin is happy to see their drivers bond. This can help them get closer to the constructors’ championship and hold the competition at bay.