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“I Took That Personally,” Anthony Davis Reveals How He Managed To Stop Steph Curry In Crucial Game 4

Anthony Davis has turned things around for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. The fact that the Lakers are in the playoffs is possible because of him. The LA side was in deep trouble after LeBron James sustained an injury that made him sit outside the court for almost a month. As a result, the team was the 13th seed back then, with a good chance of not making the postseason for two years in a row. But then Davis took charge. And from nowhere, the Lakers found themselves in the second round of the playoffs.

After a month and many games of dedication, the Lakers are on the verge of beating the defending champions as they lead the series 3-1 at present. In Game 4, the Lakers had a tough clash against the Golden State Warriors but managed to win the match 104-101. In the end, it was Anthony Davis who turned the game in his team’s favor with defensive brilliance. And tonight, the Lakers have a good chance of sealing the series in Game 5 at the Chase Center. However, it has always been easier said than done.


Anthony Davis Took Warriors’ Offense Personally

Anthony Davis
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In the post-game interview, Anthony Davis talked to Spectrum SportsNet about Lonnie Walker IV as well as the last-minute brilliance that helped the Lakers win. He was very impressed with Lonnie’s performance. But when asked about his defense, AD replied, “The Golden State wanted to switch with me, so I took that personally. I made it tougher for Curry to shoot the three-pointer.” He made Stephen Curry miss at least two three-pointers in the final 38 seconds. It was essential for the Lakers to prevent the Warriors from shooting easy three-pointers. That’s what the Warriors do best, especially Steph Curry.

In Game 4, the Lakers won with a gap of three points. That means one less three-pointer from the Warriors team helped the Lakers win. For that, the credit goes to the Lakers’ defense. Anthony Davis is the man who anchors the defense of the Purple and gold army. He mentioned that he was praying that Curry would miss a last-minute couple of shots, and he did. According to Davis, “He is a great shooter and can make the shots from anywhere. My job was to make it hard on him, and that is what I did.” After successfully defending the usual Steph Curry from shooting three-pointers, AD raised the Lakers’ chances of reaching the conference finals. Albeit, it is still not over.

Lakers Still Have A Game To Win To Seal The Deal

Anthony Davis D'Angelo Russell Austin Reaves
Anthony Davis D’Angelo Russell Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Lakers must prepare for the defending champions to come hard at them tomorrow. The Warriors have a good record at home this season. However, in Game 1, the Lakers comfortably defeated the Warriors at the Chase Center. It was another brilliant Anthony Davis show that day.

AD scored 30 points and 23 rebounds in Game 1, plus he was the main power in the defense, as usual. But time will tell if he can perform consistently to take the Lakers to the NBA finals. The Lakers are looking at Anthony Davis to lead them to their 18th championship victory.